FoSLYN Expresses Condolence, Condemns Violent Protest & Calls for Keeping the Peace

FoSLYN Expresses Condolence, Condemns Violent Protest & Calls for Keeping the Peace
FoSLYN Expresses Condolence, Condemns Violent Protest & Calls for Keeping the Peace

By Abubakarr Harding

In a Press Release issued by the Forum of Sierra Leonean Youth Network (FoSLYN) dated 15th August, 2022 and signed by its Executive Director, Thomas P. A. Babadie, it was stated that the organization mourns with grief the loss of lives of compatriots who lost their lives during the unfortunate incident of Wednesday 10th August 2022 in Freetown and other parts of the country which include civilians and Police Officers that lost their lives.

FoSLYN said it was dismayed to see young people, (Male, Female), the future leaders who forms the fulcrum of the society out in the street in a riotous manner, an event , it said, which started peacefully in the morning hours further urging all sides to refrain from violence.

The organization said it is indeed unfortunate that the violent protests – which started as peaceful protests degenerated to deaths and tragedy maintaining that protests, processions are integral part of democracy but continued that, however, such should not lead to violence and loss of lives of the innocent.

FoSLYN says it behooves the Government, through the National Commission for Democracy (NCD), National Council for Civic Education (NACEED) and the newly established Peace Commission to identify triggers of conflicts in communities and how we need to manage grievances through Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanisms etc.

The organization stated that they have heard the President spoke on the unfortunate tragedy but their thinking is that the Government should revisit the Bishop Emeritus J C Humper’s Truth and Reconciliation Report as well as the Fragility Report adding that like Mahatma Ghandi once said “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth would make the whole world toothless and blind”.

FoSLYN furthered that in retrospect, it is instructive to note that those who did the greatest wrong to Sierra Leone were not just Foday Sankoh and his Revolutionary United Front fighters, but those that advised against dialogue with them until several thousands of lives were lost adding that they are appealing for dialogue.

They also appealed for mutual understanding amongst registered Political Parties, Civil Society Organizations, the Media, Trade Union Groups, Traders Council, Local Councils, Honorable Members of Parliament, and the Judiciary adding how they have collectively roles to play in bringing about a lasting peace.

FoSLYN maintains that as it continues to condemn the use of violence, it calls for calm, peace, and restraint whilst they uphold the principles of Human Rights stating that it is important that all Sierra Leoneans here and in diaspora keep the Peace at all time underscoring how we have no other country and we cannot afford the one we have go up in flames one more time.

It concluded by asking Religious Leaders and the entire public to continue to fight on their knees for victory in the spirit, in other words, to spend time praying for the country stating that the God of Peace will show up on our behalf.




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