“Adebayor” Under Scrutiny: Dutch Government Urged to Investigate Threats to Sierra Leone’s Stability

Abdul Will Kamara, alias

By Amin Kef Sesay

In an immediate release dated May 13th, 2024, signed by Umaru Napoleon Koroma, the National Secretary General of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), alarming threats to the peace and stability of Sierra Leone were exposed.

The SLPP brought to light an audio message broadcast from Holland, containing explicit threats of physical harm directed towards international diplomats in Sierra Leone, along with threats of violence against the populace.

The message, aired on Friday, May 10th, 2024, was delivered by Abdul Will Kamara, alias “Adebayor” or Morlai Kamara, a wanted criminal currently residing under the protection of the Dutch Government.

In the audio, “Adebayor” unleashed a torrent of hateful and incendiary threats against local diplomats and the people of Sierra Leone, declaring readiness to inflict violent acts using knives and acid.

“Adebayor” and his associates have called for armed resistance against anyone advocating for national unity, constitutionality and Governmental accountability, even inciting for the violent overthrow of President Julius Maada Bio’s administration.

This isn’t the first instance of “Adebayor” threatening the peace and stability of Sierra Leone. Despite consistent condemnation from the SLPP, his political affiliates have failed to denounce his destabilizing rhetoric.

In stark contrast, the SLPP staunchly opposes hate speech and violence, advocating for inclusivity, diversity and mutual respect. They call for the condemnation of “Adebayor” and urge the All People’s Congress (APC) leadership, notably Dr. Samura Kamara, to distance themselves from such violent extremism.

Furthermore, the SLPP implores diplomatic partners to join in denouncing hate speech and violence in Sierra Leone and calls upon the Dutch Government to investigate “Adebayor’s” threats, potentially violating public safety laws.

Additionally, they urge the Sierra Leonean Government to inform the Dutch authorities of the havoc “Adebayor’s” comments have wreaked in Sierra Leone, leading to arson and loss of life.

In a global plea, the SLPP emphasizes the collective responsibility to combat hate speech and violence, urging all well-meaning individuals and organizations to stand against extremism for a safer Sierra Leone and a better world.


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