Prince of Wales Unveils New Emblems Ahead of Centenary Celebration

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By Esther Wright

Prince of Wales School, a revered all-boys secondary institution nestled in the heart of Freetown, Sierra Leone, has introduced two striking new emblems to symbolize its rich legacy and progressive vision in anticipation of its forthcoming centenary anniversary celebration.

Established on April 6, 1925, Prince of Wales School has been dedicated to advancing science education and modern language studies, serving as a beacon of academic excellence and character development for generations of young men.

During a special program, Dr. Patrick Coker delivered an inspiring talk, motivating Princewaleans and highlighting the achievements of Prince of Wales School. He encouraged young Princewaleans to lead and uphold the school’s esteemed reputation.

At a ceremonious event held at the Freetown International Conference Center (Bintumani Hotel) on Friday 10 May 2024, Dr. Sama Banya, an esteemed alumnus and influential figure in Sierra Leonean education, proudly unveiled one of the emblems. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this emblem will adorn the impressive blazers and neckties worn by every Princewaleans, symbolizing the school’s enduring commitment to excellence and its dedication to nurturing global citizens.

“I am deeply honored to unveil this emblem which embodies the ethos and aspirations of Prince of Wales School,” expressed Dr. Sama Banya, reflecting the pride and reverence for the institution. “May it inspire our pupils to strive for greatness and uphold the noble values upon which this school was founded.”

In a moment of equal significance, the second emblem was revealed by Drucil Evelyn Taylor Esq, a respected legal luminary and advocate for education in Sierra Leone. Representing the school’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity, this emblem will visually represent Prince of Wales School’s forward-thinking approach to education, fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration among students and faculty.

“With this emblem, we celebrate not only our past achievements but also our vision for the future,” declared Drucil Evelyn Taylor Esq, emphasizing the school’s commitment to excellence and growth. “As we embark on the journey towards our centenary anniversary let us honor the legacy of excellence that defines our school and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead with courage and conviction in anticipation of its forthcoming centenary anniversary celebration.

In the words of Justice Reginald Sydney Fynn JA, Chair of the Centenary Celebrations Committee, “Every Princewalean should be a part of this unique celebration in the history of our school.” With unity of purpose and a shared dedication to greatness, the Prince of Wales Community Board is on a journey of celebration, reflection and anticipation for another century of impact and influence.

As preparations for the centenary celebration gain momentum, the unveiling of these emblematic symbols marks a pivotal moment in the history of Prince of Wales School, reaffirming its enduring relevance and commitment to shaping future leaders in Sierra Leone and beyond. With each stitch of the blazer and every knot of the necktie, the spirit of Prince of Wales School will continue to inspire generations, ensuring that its legacy of excellence endures for another century and beyond.



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