Africell Commits to Community Support and Enhanced Customer Experience

During the 2024 Annual Management Retreat, Africell Sierra Leone made a resolute pledge to bolster community empowerment and elevate customer satisfaction while driving up subscriber numbers.

At the retreat, Africell’s top brass laid out a strategic vision, placing paramount importance on community development initiatives as a core facet of the company’s identity.

Recognizing the profound role of social responsibility in today’s interconnected world, Africell promised increased support directed at uplifting underserved communities in Sierra Leone.

CEO of Africell Sierra Leone, Shadi Gerjawi, speaking at the retreat, highlighted the intrinsic link between community welfare and the company’s mission. “Our success hinges on the prosperity of the communities we serve. By actively contributing to their growth and well-being, we fulfill social obligations and pave the way for sustainable business expansion,” remarked the CEO.

Africell’s approach integrates diverse community-centric programs encompassing education, healthcare, infrastructure development, and economic empowerment to foster lasting positive change and elevate the populace’s quality of life.

Moreover, the company unveiled innovative customer-centric strategies aimed at enhancing user experience and satisfaction. Africell pledged to employ cutting-edge technology and personalized services to meet evolving subscriber needs, ensuring seamless connectivity and superior service delivery.

During the retreat, Godfrey Efuerhobo, the Group Chief Commercial Officer based at the UK head office, emphasized the paramount importance of adhering to international best practices in the company’s operations.

Efuerhobo stressed the significance of aligning Africell’s practices with global standards, asserting that this adherence would foster operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and solidify Africell’s reputation as a responsible corporate entity.

Furthermore, the Minister of Communications, Technology, and Innovation, Salima Mornorna Bah, reaffirmed the government’s steadfast collaboration with Africell Mobile Company, highlighting its role in the country’s digital transformation strategy.

The Minister underscored Africell’s pivotal role in revolutionizing the nation’s technological landscape through its expansive telecommunications infrastructure and unwavering commitment to enhancing connectivity. Africell’s extensive network coverage and efforts to bridge the digital divide align seamlessly with the government’s vision of digital inclusion for all.


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