MACCEM Initiates Bulk Sales at Hastings Packaging Facility for Cost-Efficiency & Timely Deliveries

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

MACCEM Industries SL Ltd, a leading cement company under the leadership of Romanian business magnate Ahmed Mackie, has embarked on a groundbreaking decentralized approach to their sales operations. This move aims to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline distribution while fostering economic growth in Sierra Leone.

The company has commenced decentralized bulky sales of its cement products in collaboration with the Hastings packaging factory. Mackie, through MACCEM Industries SL Limited, is in the final stages of constructing a new cement factory. This project has already generated thousands of sustainable jobs, particularly benefiting unemployed young individuals in the Hastings community and the wider Western Area Rural District.

By initiating bulky sales at the Hastings packaging facility, MACCEM has effectively reduced transportation costs, alleviated traffic congestion in urban areas, and ensured timely deliveries to destinations across the provinces.

Ahmed Mackie, the CEO of MACCEM Industries SL Ltd, emphasized the significance of this decentralization strategy, stating, “Our customers have long faced challenges with transportation, congestion, and delayed deliveries. Listening to their concerns, we invested over fifty thousand United States Dollars in a packaging factory on the highway, shifting the load-off point from Ferry Junction to Hastings.”

He highlighted that customers purchasing bulk quantities from the provinces can now conveniently collect their orders at Hastings, thereby saving on transportation costs and ensuring timely receipt of their consignments.

Mackie reassured customers of the company’s commitment to delivering sustainable and top-notch service. Furthermore, the completion of the modern cement factory has not only created numerous technical and casual jobs but has also received substantial funding from the World Bank, through the International Financial Corporation (IFC), amounting to $25M. This funding is aimed at enhancing access to essential commodities among rural communities in Sierra Leone.

Stakeholders within the Hastings Community have lauded MACCEM’s initiatives, recognizing not just the construction of a multimillion-dollar investment but also its transformative impact on the local economy. The influx of investment is poised to elevate the financial well-being of the impoverished citizens in the area.

A crucial aspect of MACCEM Industries SL Ltd’s operations is its commitment to implementing modern technology to ensure the safety of its workers. Employees are provided with requisite protective gear, emphasizing a culture of safety within the workplace.

Ahmed Mackie is highly regarded among his employees for fostering a positive working environment and meeting labor requirements. Community landowners and stakeholders have expressed appreciation for MACCEM’s efforts, urging more investors to follow Mackie’s example in creating sustainable employment and fostering development in the Hastings Community.

The endeavor by MACCEM Industries SL Ltd stands as a beacon of progress, aiming not only to bolster industrial growth but also to uplift communities previously underserved in terms of infrastructure and economic development.



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