Africell Mega Promo: Petty Trader Takes Home Brand-New TVS Motorbike

By Alpha Good Kamara

Africell Sierra Leone, one of the nation’s leading GSM operators, has revealed the fortunate winner of in the company’s recently launched Mega Promo. In a heartwarming event held on August 7th, 2023 at the company’s headquarters on Wilberforce in Freetown, the telecom giant proudly presented Madam Saudatu Koroma, a former housekeeper turned enterprising petty trader, with a gleaming brand-new TVS Motorbike.

The Mega Promo, an ambitious six-month campaign launched on the 31st July 2023, promises a wave of excitement and substantial rewards for subscribers. With a chance to seize remarkable prizes including six coveted cars, twenty-four cutting-edge TVS Motorbikes, and a staggering sum of over 5 Billion Leones in cash, the promotion has captured the attention of the nation.

Madam Saudatu Koroma’s tale of triumph echoes the aspirations of many. On Friday, August 4th, she received the life-altering call notifying her of her remarkable victory. An air of disbelief initially surrounded the news among her neighbors, who cautioned her against potential scams. However, the dedicated team at Africell left no room for doubt, reaffirming her achievement and inviting her to their headquarters on Monday, August 7th, 2023.

In an exclusive interview, Madam Koroma shared her rollercoaster of emotions upon receiving the news. “I was initially hesitant due to stories of scams, but the persistent reassurance from Africell convinced me,” she confessed. Her journey from a humble housekeeper to a proud owner of a TVS Motorbike signifies a turning point in her life’s trajectory.

The unveiling event was graced by the presence of Africell’s Media Officer, Abdul Aziz Kamara, the Master of Ceremony, who revealed the abundance of prizes awaiting subscribers. Kamara urged participants to seize the opportunity by consistently recharging with just 10 Leones daily, significantly amplifying their chances of securing the various prizes. He highlighted the weekly distribution of TVS Motorbikes and monthly giveaway of cars, culminating in an exhilarating stage of the Mega Promo in January 2024.

John Konteh, Africell Media Manager, emphasized the importance of verifying the authenticity of notifications, reassuring subscribers that the only designated winner contact number is 077 777-777. Konteh unequivocally asserted that Africell would never request recharge cards or any form of payment from winners, upholding the integrity of the promotion.

Madam Saudatu Koroma, a symbol of resilience and hope, expressed her gratitude to Africell for the timely Mega Promo. With the newfound asset of her TVS Motorbike, she envisions empowering her family’s future. “I plan to put this motorbike to good use by employing a reliable rider, enabling us to channel the earnings towards my children’s education. Two of them are preparing for the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations,” she beamed.

As the Mega Promo continues to unfold, subscribers across Sierra Leone anticipate their turn for a shot at the dazzling array of prizes that Africell Sierra Leone has in store. The journey towards transforming lives and realizing dreams has commenced, all thanks to the unwavering commitment of Africell to brightening the lives of their valued customers.


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