Commissioner Robert Kondema Kargbo Draws Popular Support from the Grassroots  

By Abubakarr Harding

One striking feature of President Bio’s recent appointment of individuals into key positions, especially as Ministers and Deputy Ministers, is the youthfulness of nearly all his appointees. Though there are pessimists who have expressed the view that the youth are most times swayed away by the desire to amass quick wealth and material things which will prevent them from delivering, however, there is a contrary view that there are situations in which young people have delivered well.

One outstanding young man, who has done extremely well in serving as a vociferous voice as a Civil Society Activist and as well as an entrepreneur in the private sector, is Commissioner Robert Kondima Kargbo. Being a fervent believer in positive change, this young man saw reason to throw his weight behind another young aspiring personality in the person of the now President, Julius Maada Bio. Believing in his vision for the prosperity of this nation , Commissioner Robert Kondima Kargbo, supported not only the aspiring Julius Maada Bio, in his first bidding but the SLPP in diverse ways until victory was won.

A cross section of supporters of the SLPP have intimated this medium that whilst  the President has made some sound appointments , they still feel  he should do more for the  youth by bringing in the indefatigable Robert Kondema Kargbo. They maintained that if  President Bio is looking for result oriented young people who  have demonstrated impeccable and astute leadership qualities to play important roles in governance  then definitely this young man is among the first five.

According to that school of thought, Robert , who has been a loyalist to President Bio will fit into certain positions that will carry the same status as a cabinet position.

One of them is quoted as stating : “Commissioner Kargbo has been a dependable  friend and supporter of President Bio and since the  New Direction Regime is full of young and innovative politicians, the President should definitely raise the Commissioner’s profile to that of  a Cabinet level . This will go a long way in motivating  young and dynamic politicians to deliver more for not only  the betterment of our party but the  country as a whole.”

Some of those calling for his elevation said they have not even met with him but have been following his outstanding performances for the party especially in shoving up support for the President and party during the electioneering period.

It is on record that the amiable Commissioner is well known and loved across the political divide and with such a quality some are of the view that he could be the most suitable person who could serve as an effective  go-between to tide the stalemate in the political governance due to the withdrawal of the main opposition APC party from participating in State governance.

According to his friends in the APC, “Robert will be instrumental to the aspirations of the President’s peace agenda with the opposition as he is a Man of the people and a Patriot”.

Being the Managing Editor of the  Heritage Newspaper ,Commissioner Robert Kondima Kargbo, is more than committed to serve his Boss, President Bio and the people of this country.

For his astute leadership qualities, he was recently invited by Dala Africa to participate in the Africa Smart and Sustainable Cities Investment Summit (ASCIS), from the 6th to 8th September 2023 at the Kigali Convention Centre in Rwanda.

For his rich background, qualifications and contributions, the Grassroots supporters of the SLPP and other well-meaning folks have been appealing to President Bio for consideration of his appointment to a suitable position is at par with a Cabinet position.

He is said to be an inspiration to many young people who were on the verge of going astray as well as a philanthropist who helps the poor and needy especially in terms of motivating party members.



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