Africell Receives a Prestigious Certificate of Appreciation from CKC

By Theresa Kef Sesay

Christ the King College (CKC) in Bo District, Sierra Leone, celebrated its momentous Platinum Jubilee with a profound recognition and gratitude extended to Africell Sierra Leone for its steadfast support and invaluable contributions to both the institution and the broader national development landscape.

In a grand ceremony held within the school premises, CKC presented Africell Sierra Leone with a prestigious certificate of appreciation. This gesture acknowledged the telecommunications company’s pivotal role in fostering educational growth within the institution and the wider community. The certificate honored Africell’s commitment to supporting educational initiatives and their impactful contributions to nurturing youth development and educational excellence.

Kwame Yankson, President of Christ the King College Old boys Association, emphasized Africell Sierra Leone’s instrumental role in empowering the school through various initiatives and donations that directly influenced students’ educational experiences. He conveyed heartfelt gratitude for Africell’s continuous partnership in realizing the school’s vision of nurturing future leaders and fostering academic excellence.

Representing Africell Sierra Leone, Chief Admin and Human Resource Officer, Andrew Fatorma, expressed profound gratitude for the recognition. He reaffirmed Africell’s dedication to investing in education and youth empowerment as a fundamental aspect of their corporate social responsibility. Fatorma reiterated Africell’s commitment to fostering sustainable development and improving educational standards across Sierra Leone.

The ceremony not only commemorated CKC’s illustrious 69-year journey in education but also underscored the vital collaboration between educational institutions and corporate entities in propelling national development. The acknowledgment bestowed upon Africell Sierra Leone symbolizes appreciation for their impactful contributions to educational enhancement in the region and their unwavering dedication to national progress.

As CKC reflects on its history of excellence in education, the acknowledgment of Africell Sierra Leone stands as a testament to the enduring partnership between the school and corporate entities dedicated to advancing education and societal development in Sierra Leone.

The Platinum Jubilee celebration continued with joyous cultural performances, exhibitions showcasing CKC’s history, achievements, and notable alumni. Attendees, including distinguished guests, alumni, students and community members, lauded Africell’s commitment to education, acknowledging the significant impact of their contributions in improving access to quality learning resources for CKC students.

Africell Sierra Leone seized the occasion to reaffirm its commitment to supporting education for societal progress. They announced plans for future collaborations aimed at enhancing educational infrastructure, scholarships and innovative learning programs within CKC and neighboring educational institutions.

The celebration concluded with a sense of pride and optimism for the future. The partnership between CKC and Africell Sierra Leone serves as a shining example of how collaboration between educational institutions and corporate entities can drive positive change and elevate education standards in the nation.

As CKC looks ahead with determination and Africell Sierra Leone continues its support for educational initiatives, the bond between these entities remains poised to create pathways for educational excellence and national development in Sierra Leone.

The Platinum Jubilee celebration at Christ the King College marked a crescendo of appreciation towards Africell Sierra Leone, acknowledging their remarkable support and commitment to education and national development. It emphasized the transformative power of education and the significance of robust partnerships for societal advancement. This bond signifies a promise for a brighter future, driven by collaboration and shared visions of progress for Sierra Leone and its youth.


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