AWWO Children Foundation Illuminates Smiles on 3,500 Underprivileged Children

By Alpha Sesay (Pen Pusher)

The Always Walk With Others Children Foundation (AWWO), a local charitable organization situated in the East-End of  Freetown, has brought radiant joy to the countenances of 3,500 underprivileged children. Their hearts and bellies were warmed through a thoughtful feeding program conducted on Saturday, December 16th, 2023, at the Grassfield Community Playing Field. This heartwarming initiative catered to children hailing from 20 low-income neighborhoods and marginalized communities, both within and outside Freetown.

Gracing the occasion as the Guest Speaker was Dr. Kadija Grace Kamara, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, who commended the invaluable efforts of the AWWO Foundation. She lauded CEO Amb Umar Fuad Bawoh, hailing him as an industrious and exemplary figure in society. Minister Kadija Grace Kamara not only urged parents to actively engage in their children’s development but also pledged full support to the Foundation. Additionally, she advocated for the establishment of vocational training institutes aimed at empowering children and youths.

Ambassador Umarr Fuad Bawoh, the Founder and CEO of the AWWO Children Foundation, passionately addressed the children, emphasizing the significance of empowering and bringing joy to the lives of underprivileged children in slum communities.

Bawoh stressed that these children deserve living conditions akin to those enjoyed by children from more affluent backgrounds. The Foundation, dedicated to feeding needy children for the past three years, extended its generosity this year to 3,500 children from various communities including Thunder Hill, Grassfield, Portee, Waterloo, Lungi, Brima Lane and Rokupa. Some of these children will also benefit from the Foundation’s scholarship and award scheme. Bawoh pledged to expand this annual feeding program to the provinces and low-income neighborhoods, underscoring his commitment to the cause of humanity.

The impact of the AWWO Children Foundation in the East-End part of the Capital City has been profound. Their provision of educational materials, financial aid to parents and the electrification of the Grassfield Community Playing Field and surrounding area stand as testament to the tangible difference community action can make in people’s lives. The F Foundation’s ongoing initiatives are creating a transformative impact in the lives of numerous children.


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