Africell SL Hosts 2nd Freetown Marathon to Promote Fitness & Community Bonding

By Alvin Lansana Kargbo

Africell-SL, one of Sierra Leone’s leading telecommunications business entities, once again took center stage as it successfully hosted its Second Edition of the company’s annual marathon in Freetown. The event, held on Sunday, December 10, 2023, brought together enthusiastic participants from all walks of life, showcasing the company’s commitment to promoting health, fitness and community engagement.

The Africell-SL Annual Marathon featured an array of talent and determination, with participants competing in three distinct phases: the 5k run, the 10k run and the challenging Half Marathon. It not only served as a platform for physical activity but also as a celebration of unity and collective well-being.

Male and female competitors in each category demonstrated extraordinary stamina and dedication, with the top three finishers in each phase receiving well-deserved recognition and prizes. Africell-SL, in its commitment to equality, ensured that both gender were equally represented and celebrated for their outstanding achievements.

The 5k race witnessed a fierce competition among participants, showcasing the diversity of talent within the community. In the 10k category, runners displayed remarkable endurance, pushing their limits to secure a spot among the top three. The Half Marathon, the pinnacle of the event, saw participants conquering the challenging course with grit and determination.

Prizes ranging from cash rewards to valuable merchandise were awarded to the top three male and female winners in each category, and a Certificate of Completion was awarded to all the participants highlighting Africell-SL’s dedication to recognizing and appreciating the efforts of all. The ceremony not only celebrated athleticism but also emphasized the importance of inclusivity and sportsmanship.

Worthy of note is that the marathon served as a powerful reminder of the positive impact that corporate initiatives can have on communities and  Africell-SL’s commitment to hosting such an event aligns with its broader mission of promoting healthy lifestyles and fostering a sense of unity among Sierra Leoneans.

Participants and spectators alike praised Africell-SL for organizing the event that not only promotes physical well-being but also encourages community engagement on an annual basis.

Significantly, the marathon, with its thrilling competition and jubilant atmosphere, has become an important annual fixture in Freetown, symbolizing Africell-SL’s dedication to making a lasting impact beyond the realm of telecommunications.

As the curtains fell on the Africell-SL Annual Marathon, the echoes of achievement and camaraderie lingered, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of the participants. It must be reiterated that the success of the marathon reinforces Africell-SL’s commitment to promoting a healthier and more connected Sierra Leone.


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