Journalists Share First-Hand Insights on QNET’s Operations and Integrity in Exclusive VCON Webinar


In a compelling hour-long “QNET VCON” Media Webinar held on Saturday, December 16, 2023, journalists from Sierra Leone and Ghana, who journeyed to QNET’s operational headquarters in Malaysia back in September 2023, shed light on their experiences with the company. This exclusive session unveiled their perspectives following their attendance at QNET’s grand 25th Anniversary Ceremony during the VCON event earlier in 2023.

Amin Kef (Ranger), Editor of The Calabash Newspaper in Sierra Leone, initially harbored doubts regarding QNET’s authenticity and the quality of its proclaimed products, largely influenced by negative media narratives surrounding alleged fraudulent activities associated with the company. However, his skepticism underwent a profound transformation upon his participation in the V-Con in Malaysia, an event attended by a staggering 15,000 to 20,000 Independent Representatives and Partners.

Sharing his insights, Amin highlighted the pivotal moments where interactions with QNET officials provided substantial clarifications, dispelling misconceptions. He emphasized the firsthand exposure to the company’s product line, witnessing the rigorous scientific underpinnings validating their legitimacy, firmly believing in the adage ‘seeing is believing.’

Echoing Amin’s sentiments, Samuel Bio, Night Editor at Daily Graphic in Ghana, corroborated his colleague’s positive encounters and affirmations about the company.

Biram Fall, the QNET Sub-Saharan African Regional General Manager, illuminated the company’s operations in Sierra Leone, underscoring ongoing initiatives focused on public education and combatting scams. He urged the public to leverage QNET’s Compliance Hotline for inquiries or to report any irregularities, reaffirming the company’s commitment to transparency and integrity.

The webinar concluded with heartfelt gratitude extended to all participants, marking the session’s success in providing an in-depth understanding of QNET’s operations and the proactive measures taken to counter the tarnishing of its reputation by fraudulent activities. The journalists’ testimonies stood as a beacon of authenticity and credibility, offering a nuanced portrayal of QNET’s reality and its relentless dedication to combatting negative portrayals in the media.



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