West African Journalists Dispel Negative Perceptions About QNET After Attending V-Convention

V-Convention in Malaysia
V-Convention in Malaysia

In September 2023, a select group of journalists from West Africa received an invitation from QNET’s top management to attend the annual V-Convention in Malaysia. Before this invitation, prevailing negative perceptions, fueled by media reports in Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Nigeria, had cast doubts on the credibility of QNET’s operations.

Reports had highlighted alleged fraudulent activities associated with QNET, involving promises of lucrative jobs abroad, scholarships at prestigious universities, and quick wealth generation. These schemes required substantial payments upfront, leaving many disillusioned victims seeking recourse from law enforcement agencies.

However, the firsthand experiences of these journalists at the V-Con event significantly dispelled these misconceptions, fostering confidence in QNET’s authenticity and products among many.

The journalists attested that witnessing QNET’s operations in Malaysia eradicated their prior negative beliefs. They revealed QNET as one of Asia’s foremost direct-selling companies, offering a diverse range of health, wellness, and lifestyle products designed to enhance lives.

QNET’s grassroots business model, centered on e-commerce, was highlighted by the journalists as empowering millions of entrepreneurs across 100+ countries for the past 25 years. They emphasized how this model, notably inclusive of women, allowed individuals to initiate businesses and generate income by selling QNET’s products.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, QNET maintains a presence in over 25 countries through various subsidiaries, branch offices, agency partnerships, and franchisees. The company’s affiliations with associations like the Direct Selling Association in multiple countries underscore its commitment to ethical business practices.

During their engagement at the Amari Hotel in Penang, Malaysia, the journalists interacted with QNET officials, delving into pertinent questions and clarifications regarding alleged fraudulent activities in their respective countries. Biram Fall, QNET’s Regional General Manager SSA, reiterated the company’s zero-tolerance policy towards any representative violating its ethical marketing standards. He clarified that QNET neither offers employment nor guarantees returns, investments, or scholarships in exchange for payment.

The journalists highlighted their firsthand experience with QNET’s products showcased at the QNET Tower in Malaysia. They emphasized the quality and benefits of these products, including the Home Pure Nova Water Purifier, known for its nine-stage purification process, along with air purifiers, watches, jewelry, supplements, and lifestyle products.

Their attendance at V-CON, hosting 15,000 to 20,000 Independent Representatives and partners, exposed them to motivational speakers and testimonies affirming the credibility of QNET’s offerings.

Sharing their experiences post-event, these journalists have played a pivotal role in dispelling negative perceptions about QNET. They affirm that punitive actions await any representative found misrepresenting the company, reinforcing the fact that QNET does not engage in fraudulent schemes.

Their testimonials stand as a testament to the authenticity and value of QNET’s products and ethical business practices.



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