Afrimoney Commissions New POS Center in Jui

For Easy Transactions & Access to Services, Products…

Afrimoney Commissions

In a bid to make Africell and Afrimoney services easily accessible to customers, Afrimoney Sierra Leone, has officially opened a new POS Centre along the Jui Highway.

In his statement during the opening of the POS Centre, the Media Manager for Africell, John Konteh, disclosed how the opening of the POS Centre at Jui is a clear demonstration by Africell that their customers are close to their heart furthering that the opening of another POS centre was to ensure that they bring their services and products to the doorstep of residents of the Jui Community.

The Media Manager underscored that Jui is a large community and the newly established Centre will help in addressing the challenges their customers face to access Africell and Afrimoney services and products. He highlighted that hitherto the opening of the centre, customers mostly go as far as Calaba Town and Shell to get access to Africell services.  John Konteh assured that the centre will be open from Monday to Saturday, and for Afrimoney transactions it will be opened every day.

Dilating on the services that will be rendered at the Centre, John Konteh mentioned the replacement of sim cards, the registration of sim cards, and Afrimoney transactions like cashing in and cashing out among other things.

An Africell customer lamented that initially it was difficult for him to do Afrimoney transactions, noting that he had to go all the way to Shell to do his Afrimoney transaction, but with the new center at their disposal in the community it is much easier. He further expressed gratitude to Africell for opening the new centre.



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