Afrimoney Introduces Pyypl Visa Card, Pioneering Digital Banking in Sierra Leone


By Foday Moriba Conteh

In its stride towards modernizing the financial landscape of Sierra Leone, Afrimoney has introduced the Afrimoney Pyypl Visa Card. The launch event, held on July 1, 2024, at the New Brookfields Hotel in Freetown, attracted a diverse array of stakeholders, including Ministers and industry leaders.

The Afrimoney Pyypl Visa Card is set to enhance both convenience and security in mobile money transactions, catering to both local and international users. During the launch, an Afrimoney representative underscored the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence, positioning the new card as a transformative force in Sierra Leone’s fintech sector.

“With the Afrimoney Pyypl Visa Card, users can enjoy seamless transactions, including contactless payments in stores and online, with real-time notifications for every transfer,” the representative announced.

Minister of Communication, Technology and Innovation, Salima Monorma Bah, commended the initiative, highlighting its potential to make financial services more accessible and convenient for all citizens.

Martison Obeng Agyei, Managing Director of Afrimoney, expressed gratitude for the support received and emphasized the card’s ability to bridge financial gaps and empower users globally. He highlighted the successful partnership that merges mobile money and banking services, facilitating banking without the need for traditional bank accounts.

Chief Minister, David Moinina Sengeh, also shared his appreciation and optimism, noting the importance of such initiatives in driving national development and fostering financial inclusivity.

The launch of the Afrimoney Pyypl Visa Card marks a pivotal moment in Sierra Leone’s journey towards digital financial transformation, promising greater accessibility, security and efficiency in financial transactions for all citizens.


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