Aki Sawyer Decongests Traffic Jams in Freetown

Worship Yvonne Aki Sawyer

By Penpusher Sesay

It’s an undisputed fact that the persistent traffic congestion in the capital city for years now, has recently been minimized  drastically due to the remedial solutions and developmental strides being introduced by Her Worship Yvonne Aki Sawyer. Through her apt manifestation of leadership skills, it’s now justifiable that the once congested areas of notorious traffic jams (Kissy Road, Goderich Street, Lumley Market, East End police, Abacha Street, Shell) are now relatively calm with traffic flow and ease of pedestrians’ access.

This timely intervention in proffering laudable solutions and the implementation of the stringent enforcement of the law by the Mayor, has unequivocally decreased the unnecessary static-traffic that used to be a thorn in the flesh of commuters and many residents around the peripherals of these vicinities. This traffic wahala that had once been a thrust for many excuses by people being late for work, pupils and students missing their first period of their timetables, traders getting stuck in the middle of the journey, diplomats and high profile dignitaries late for important functions, has been ameliorated.

This is one of the bold steps being taken by the pragmatic Mayor in helping out to cushion free flow of goods and services for socio-economic viability, and in lessening Okada injuries being caused by super traffic jams years back.

Despite the fact that many attempts have been made by some authorities to curtail and address this traffic issue, but all efforts by then didn’t yield their fruitful dividends. However, the swift and innovative way Mayor Aki Sawyer together with the concerted efforts of military personnel are handling this traffic mitigating idea, speaks volume of the vision of the Mayor to transform Freetown within her four years mandate.

She is bound to succeed, and we so believe that she can work that out to meet her set policies, actions and leadership drives in making Freetown one of the most enviable cities in Africa and thus attracting crowd of tourists and trustworthy investors.

To say the least, the quick flow of traffic can enhance and accelerate economic activities, albeit the comfort it will provide for Freetonians plying these major streets in the capital city.

As someone that has perused carefully the transform Freetown initiative documents, I can attest that if only these policies inked are implemented and followed by successive Mayors, then nothing will stop Freetown to be ranked amongst the most beautiful cities in the globe, as this transform Freetown initiative has a bunch of goodies to offer.
The Mayor is set to break the unwanted rules and set new wanted ones when it comes to mitigating traffic jams in the capital. She’s all set to be a Heroine of developmental strides in our capital.



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