Ali Jaffal Remanded Again on Firearm Charges

Ali Jaffal.jpg

By Esther Wright

In a recent development regarding an alleged arms possession case, Police Sergeant 8576 Issa Kamara tendered a firearm with ammunition before Magistrate Bangura of Pademba Road Court No. 2 on Monday, April 29, 2024. The firearm, along with six live rounds of ammunition, was reportedly found in the possession of Ali Jaffal.

The accused, appearing for the second time in court, faced six counts of charges related to the possession of arms and ammunition without a license, as well as control of small arms without proper authorization. These charges are in violation of the laws of Sierra Leone.

According to the indictments, Ali Jaffal was allegedly found in possession of a Makarov pistol without a license at the Young Sports Club (YSC) facility on Wilkinson Road in Freetown on April 6, 2024. Additionally, he was accused of possessing six 9+19 millimeter rounds of ammunition without proper authorization on the same date and location.

During the proceedings, Exhibit Clerk, Issa Kamara, led in evidence by CSP Juan Bull Esq., testified that he received the firearm and ammunition from Sergeant 10279 Lassayo M on April 15, 2024. Kamara, attached to the Criminal Investigation Department headquarters in Freetown, stated that he registered the items under serial number RCE 032/2024 and has since held them in custody. The pistol, magazine and live rounds were presented as exhibits in court.

Chief Superintendent of Police, Mohamed Turay, another prosecution witness, testified that he is attached to the Lumley Police Division. He recounted receiving a distress call on April 6, 2024, prompting him and his team to respond to the YSC scene. Upon arrival, he claimed to have apprehended Jaffal, who was allegedly involved in a fight. He stated that a Lebanese man named Toffic Dawie handed over the firearm allegedly used by Ali Jaffal during the altercation.

Despite a renewed bail application by Defense Lawyer, JOP Manley Spain, citing Jaffal’s health condition, Magistrate Bangura denied bail and remanded the accused to the Male Correctional facility in Freetown. The case proceeded on May 2, 2024 during which another witness testified and was adjourned to May 6, 2024.


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