New Film Series ‘Bormeh’ by KID-AFAN FILMS & Sierrafixx Sheds Light on Harsh Realities in Sierra Leone


By Sallu Kamuskay

KID-AFAN FILMS, a production branch from KID-AFAN Company Limited has recently on YouTube released a 13 minutes behind the scene documentary of Sierra Leone’s most anticipated first-ever blockbuster cinema political drama series starring Christiana Kamara, a renowned Actress and Producer as Her Excellency the First Lady of the republic , Antonia Wright who has  ties to the underworld, thirsty to maintain power with a dark past that loom around her future in a new Television series titled BORMEH (The Dark Cradle) the series promises audiences an exhilarating journey filled with suspense, intrigue and dark revelations. Joining her are John Yemi Ade-Coker (Ice Bombo) and Seray Timbo (Dog shit), bringing to life a story that delves deep into the complexities of power and the human psyche.

The Bormeh Series explores the spread of the ravaging Kush drug making young people zombies showcasing how the Kush cartel is run in the country by people from “THE TOP” to the consumers revealing all the sad realities behind the Kush epidemic and the Bormeh dumpsite. The Bormeh series is tale unlike anything Sierra Leone and Africa film landscape have seen before.

Directed with finesse by the dynamic duo of Chernor Kargbo (Stone) and Idrissa Barry Jalloh, and penned by the brilliant Chernor Kargbo (Stone) himself, “The Bormeh Series” transcends mere entertainment; it’s a bold exploration of the gritty realities of life in Sierra Leone. From the sinister machinations of “THE TOP” to the ravaging scourge of the Kush drug epidemic, every episode pulls punches, exposing the raw truths lurking beneath the surface of Freetown.

But what truly sets “The Bormeh Series” apart is its unwavering commitment to authenticity and social relevance. Months of meticulous research and on-the-ground exploration have birthed a narrative that cuts to the core of the nation’s most pressing issues. From the struggles of slum dwellers to the insidious grip of corruption and violence, every aspect of Sierra Leonean society is laid bare in this unflinching portrayal.

Director, Producer, Executive Producer and Cinematographer, Idrissa Barry Jalloh, noted during an interview that over the years, Sierra Leone has been faced with many challenging issues affecting its citizens which according to him, filmmakers should champion sharing those stories. “I believe as a filmmaker, it is our responsibility to address some of these stories using our voices, tools, and art to raise awareness on the number of challenges we faced as a country.”

Director, Producer, Executive Producer and Cinematographer, Idrissa Barry Jalloh also noted that when he first had the idea of putting the sequel together in 2020/21 he first reached out to a Nigerian writer he told to put the story together and later met a Sierra Leonean Script writer, Chernoh Kargbo (Stone), who is also the Co-Director of the series and they had to change the concept to “Bormeh Series” which is currently the title of the series.

“From people in the Bormeh slum communities who rose from grass to grace, less privileged from the slum communities, the Kush epidemic, the struggle and pollution faced by people living in Bormeh we want to tell an authentic Sierra Leonean story that resonates with the people thereby drawing attention to certain socio-economic issues affecting us in the country,” Director, Producer, Executive Producer and Cinematographer Idrissa Barry Jalloh informed.

Before the making of the Bormeh Series, producers and the team spent months doing research on the Bormeh community, gathering information to ensure the story is told the right way.

Putting this blockbuster Sierra Leonean political thriller came with its challenges. Director, Producer, Executive Producer and Cinematographer noted that they spent over one year shooting the 8-10 episodes of the first season in this highly anticipated blockbuster political drama series. “For certain scenes you will watch in the Bormeh sequel, we had to build the set to ensure that we have it the way we want it, certain locations cannot be accessed using cars, we had to carry the equipment with our hands to these locations covering long-distances,” he added.

For the Director, Executive Producer, Producer and Cinematographer, Idrissa Barry Jalloh, he expressed hope that Sierra Leoneans will embrace the movie as it is a generational movie that children yet unborn will watch to understand what happened, how it happened and most importantly call for a need of attention to the growing challenges people face in the Bormeh community and with the Kush pandemic across the country.

For ages, there has been news about the relocation of the Bormeh, that it has been sold to some foreigners, the Bormeh series delves deep into this reality and what happened.

Get ready to see a mix of old and new faces of talented and amazing actors who pushed themselves to the limit to create the amazing pieces.

Stars: Seray Timbo, Christiana Kamara, John Yemi Ade Coker, Fatty Sheriff, Nancy Sankoh, Phebean Swill, George Gabbidon Koroma, Ibrahim Sankoh, Alpha Umaru Barrie, Muwaid G. Camara, Aminata Aminash Kabba, Ibrahim Sankoh and more..

Directed By: Chernor Kargbo (Stone) & Idrissa Barry Jalloh

Written by: Chernor Kargbo (Stone)

Cinematography: Idrissa Barry Jalloh & Sheriff Kabia.

Executive Producers: Dr. Isatu Kakay-Diallo, Idrissa Barry Jalloh, KID-AFAN Films & Fatu Kamara

Produced by: Kadijatu Jalloh, Idrissa Barry Jalloh & Adama Kamara

KID-AFAN FILMS is an entertainment and movie production part of KID-AFAN Company Limited working to project and transform the movie industry in Sierra Leone through story telling that will highlight the fact and best images of the country.

Current programs for KID-AFAN FILMS focus on providing coverage on educational discoveries, entertainment in comedy, full length feature filmmaking and production, television series, public education on health matters, community sensitization, discovery in fashion, cuisine/gourmet foods, sports and many more.


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