Amb. Kobi Walker Unveils Special Magazine for Methodist Boys’ High School Sesquicentennial

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

As part of its 150th  Anniversary Celebration, since its establishment in 1874, the Methodist Boys’ High School hosted a Sesquicentennial Extravaganza on the , 22nd March, 2024, at the New City Hall on Wallace Johnson Street in Freetown.  The event, which brought together prominent old pupils, both male and female as well as well-wishers, turned out to be a memorable evening of the school’s history, drama, music and amazing entertainment.

The Hall was electrified when immediately after the singing of the National Anthem, those in attendance heartily sang the  First Verse of the school’s song, with voices that reverberated within the four corners of the Hall and poignant emphasis on the school’s motto of : “Laboramus Expectantes”.

An interesting highpoint of the evening’s event was the launching of the “Sesquicentennial Magazine”, which was done, by the erudite Chief Executive Officer of NP (SL) Ltd, Amb Kobi Walker after being introduced as the Chief Launcher by the Chairman of the Magazine Publication Committee, Prof. Adolphos Johnson.

Before officially launching the Methodist Boys’ High School 150th Anniversary Magazine, Amb Kobi Walker, who was loftily recognized as an important personality, reflected on the school’s profound impact on society beyond academic learning. He emphasized High School’s role in shaping characters, tapping potentials and instilling hope, highlighting the 150 milestone as an opportunity to look back on past achievements while setting sights on a brighter future.

He stated that the launching of the magazine symbolizes more than just a collection of memories as it embodies the resilient spirit of the school characterized by excellence and camaraderie.

Amb. Kobi Walker praised the creativity, talent and vivacity instilled in students, showcased through an extravaganza leading to the momentous occasion. He stressed the importance of financial and material contributions toward constructing new facilities, emphasizing the commitment to providing an environment conducive to learning and growth for future generations.

As Chief Launcher, he further stated that the funds raised through support of the event could be seen as vital for breathing life into infrastructure that nurtures minds and lays the foundation for future leaders.

He also called for investments not only in finances but also in hearts, urging for a continued legacy of excellence to be passed on with an even brighter flame. Kobi Walker invited attendees to join in reminiscing, reconnecting and reaffirming dedication to the institution, positioning the school as a pivotal point in its history for renewed dedication to educational excellence.

He then officially launched the magazine disclosing that it is now open for those present to access and acquire.

In his statement, Conrad Sackey, the  Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary School Education, who was present as a Guest of Honour and not an old boy, highlighted the rich educational legacy of Sierra Leone particularly focusing on Methodist Boys High School celebrating its 150th anniversary.

He mentioned various esteemed educational institutions in the country, highlighting their historical significance and contribution to academic excellence.

Emphasizing the importance of education in shaping societies, the Minister acknowledged the role of alumni in advancing the school’s mission and values adding that the celebration serves as a tribute to the enduring legacy of the Methodist Boys High School and its commitment to educational excellence.

He expressed delight over the fundraising efforts to enhance the school’s infrastructure for future generations and recognized the strong network of accomplished alumni for their contributions to the school’s development and the broader community.

The Minister underscored the transformative power of education in individuals’ lives and society as a whole, reinforcing the value of educational excellence as embodied by the school’s motto.

He ended up by extending best wishes to the Methodist Boys High School as they embark on the next chapter of their journey also maintaining that the celebration signifies a cross-generational commitment to upholding high standards of education and fostering a spirit of continuous improvement.

Other highlights of the event included financial pledges made, the presentation of poetic works of Alumnae of yesterday and today by Rev. Moses Kainwo, an interlude of music by the past masters: Dr. Dymanite and Bunny Mark, live performance by Innocent, Comedy and Laughter by Richie Obama, the singing of the 150th Anniversary Song that was composed and presented by present pupils led by Charlie Haffner among others.

Climaxing the Sesquicentennial Extravaganza was a performance of Traditional Community Music by the Methodist Boys’ High School Band in an atmosphere of social interaction and camaraderie.


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