Craig Dean Shows Gansterism In Salone Mining Sector

As Wara Serry Kamal, 3 Others Represent PRM in Rutile as Directors…  

Just on the 12 of March when Sierra Rutile announced in the Australian Stock market that a company owned by US Mining Mafia, Craig Dean, PRM Service LLC, bought a share of 8.19% in the company, Craig Dean has made what the company described as an “Unsolicited Move” to take over Sierra Rutile.

In the letter on the 12 of March they noted that PRM Service LLC, registered in the Commonwealth Republic of Puerto Rico is associated with Gerald Group which is 75% own by Craig Dean

But investigation proved that the said PRM Service is not only associated with Gerald Group but Craig Dean is the authorizing person and for which a text message was sent to Craig on his WhatsApp that such could be tantamount to Mining Mafia.

It was after that message for which Craig Dean failed to respond to the journalists that an update was made on the 14 March on Australian Stock about Craig’s status with PRM Services LLC.

“Sierra Rutile Limited refers to its announcement entitled new substantial owners on 12 of March 2024. Sierra Rutile has received attached letter and form 604 from PRM Service LLC (PRM). The Form 604 discloses: a decrease in PRM Voting Power from 8.19 to 6.15% and states that Craig Dean (who is the Chairman of and CEO Gerald Group) has a relevant interest in PRM due to Craig Dean having control of PRM,” the undated announcement revealed.

It’s still unclear why Craig Dean initially failed to make full disclosure of his interest in PRM Service but when he was messaged by Journalists Craig failed to respond.

Craig has also nominated himself, Wara Serry Kamal, Stepehen Palmer and Zhaoyin Jing as directors of the company representing PRM.

Experts have questioned the experience of Wara Serry Kamal in mining issues while others believed she has huge interest in company law.

Craig Dean is not a stranger to Sierra Leone Mining Sector as he worked with Frank Timis in Timis Corporation for which they were taken to court by the Cape Lambert in 2017.

His company SL Mining had an out of court settlement with the Government of Sierra Leone because they Government suspended what they deemed at the time as rogue license and mining agreement that was rushed through Parliament in the eve of the 2018 elections.

Craig has allegedly bought two jets for the first time and it is believed that those jets are commercialized by Marampa Mines but have failed to give Government financial payments .

More details about US supported Mining Mafia in the Mining Sector of Sierra Leone to be revealed soon.


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