As they acquire new skills & Knowledge… Reality TV Housemates Salone Empowers the Young

In the heated and fun-packed Housemates Salone 2019 Reality Show the contestants continue to display their innate talents in diverse ways with the intended purpose of attracting votes from the general public. They are consciously doing so with the aim of optimally fulfilling or displaying nudity, strong language and humour which is why it is observable that there is a lot of gossiping taking place within the House, with these Housemates trying to put on sexy outlooks to gain attention.
The show, which is expected to reach its climax by mid- April 2019, has truly turned out to be a learning platform where the competitors are availed the opportunity to practically and theoretically imbibe new skills as well as knowledge based on different spheres of life. In other words, it has turned out to be a learning ground where they learn new things and explore certain ideas or initiatives.
There could be doubt that through the frequent interactions lasting relationships are fostered among the Housemates and there is every possibility that such could become lifetime ones. It is therefore arguable to assert that these young competitors, meaning those who have been already evicted and others that are currently in the House, had benefited and are still benefiting from empowerment which will somehow transform them into becoming more mature people after Housemates Salone.
On Sunday 10th March 2019 the 3rd eviction took place which saw some of the Housemates leaving the House bringing down the number now in the House down to a sizeable level. It was all sobbing from the unfortunate Housemates as the eviction marked the shattering of their nattily held propped-up determination and ambitious hopes of reaching the very top and even grab the attractive Le100, 000,000 prize that has been put forward by the organizers of the competition, Africa Young Voices (AYV) and Africell.
Being an interesting and widely watched Reality TV Show on AYV TV Channel 34, Housemates Salone has provided a marketing conduit for many corporate and business institutions such as Banks, business houses, entertainment entities etc, who are effectively making use of the platform for advertisement purposes and awareness raising of the various services they offer.
Indeed, this gateway will definitely lead to yielding fruitful dividends as advertisement forms a cardinal component of marketing. Making such a possibility is a clear manifestation that AYV and Africell strongly believe in symbiotic synergy for business expansion and success.
Many have expressed the view that Housemates Salone must not be looked at negatively from a religious perspective as some are going with the notion that it is immoral by negatively exposing these young participants or giving them the free hand to indulge in sinful acts of perversion. This they furthered is totally erroneous as the show has to do strictly with empowerment and exposure.

“I don’t see anything wrong with staging such an entertainment show because it affords the opportunity to socialize and take up leadership roles evident in some being chosen as couples of the week that must ensure that the House is orderly maintained as well as some who rotationally act as the eyes of the unseen Chief who from time to time gives instructions to the Housemates,” Elvis Koroma, an event manager frankly intimated.
As the clock continues to tick the Housemates are trying to become very endearing with the avowed objective to increase their support bases.


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