‘NP Liberia Limited is Here to Stay’ -Executive Director Kobi Walker declares; dedicates US$2.5M Headquarters

-Executive Director Kobi Walker declares; dedicates US$2.5M Headquarters

NP Headquarters
NP management and special guests at the launch of the company’s new headquters
Commerce Minister Tarpeh cuts the ribbon to the NP Headquarters on Friday, March 8, 2019

The executive director of the National Petroleum Liberia Limited, Kobi Walker says the company is here to support the economic aspirations of the government and people of Liberia, which is an expression of enduring determination to stay.
Mr. Walker made the statement Friday, March 8 at the official launch of the NP Liberia Limited headquarters in Congo Town, indicating that NP will continue to grow and sustain its business in a manner completely devoid of any political participation or influence.
The launch brought together John B. S. Davies, president of the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI); Commerce Minister Wilson Tarpeh; Sam Mitchell, proprietor, Corina Hotel; Ambassador Babatunde O. Ajisomo, ECOWAS commissioner to Liberia, among others.
According to the management of NP Liberia Limited, the new headquarters is valued over US$2.5 million.
The new facility was described as a clear manifestation of investment by reputable personalities who attended the launch.
“This building should be reflective of the NP experience and serve as a beacon of light and a haven of excellence in customer service. But the building alone cannot infuse the vision and passion that guide our work. It’s the human spirit, camaraderie, interaction and cordial working relationship between colleagues and customers that will make a difference,” Mr. Walker said.
He said he was extremely grateful to the Liberian government and people of Liberia for creating the enabling atmosphere for such an investment. Mr. Walker expressed gratitude to everyone, including the employees and hoped that the investment will be good value for money.
He said NP is a leading oil marketing company in Sierra Leone and is wholly and exclusively owned by 35 Sierra Leoneans, most of whom are former and current staff, including office messengers and janitors.
Ambassador Babatunde O. Ajisomo, ECOWAS Representative to Liberia, said the private sector remains cardinal to the development of any nation.
“The public and private sectors work together all around the world. We need the private sector because it’s important in every society to help to build a developing a country,” Commissioner Ajisomo said.
He lauded the management of the NP Liberia Limited for the investment in Liberia, indicating that “this is a clear indication of the importance of the private sector.”
Wilson Tarpeh, Minister for Commerce and Industry (MOCI) expressed gratitude to the management of NP Liberia Limited for the level of investment, including employment of Liberians.
“This government is committed to creating the enabling environment for investment. We will continue to work with all investors to ensure that the necessary atmosphere is available for business. We need the private sector in order to make progress as a government. This government remains focused in working with the private sector,” Mr. Tarpeh said.
Francis A. Dennis, board chairman of NP Liberia Limited, said the new facility remains an outstanding structure, indicating that “we look forward to meaningful contribution in Liberia.”
He lauded Mohammed S. Kanu, former Managing Director of NP Liberia Limited, for the memorializing the occasion.
“We hope that just as the banking sector has made significant progress in Liberia, so too the NP shall be in the petroleum sector in Liberia,” Mr. Dennis said.


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