As Voting for Housemates Salone Continues… Quarantine Drama Starts Today

Housemates Salone Season 2

By Amin Kef Sesay

The voting process for twenty (20) successful Housemates out the Fifty-Two (52) that went through audition will continue until Sunday 18th October 2020 to finally get the targeted number of participants, twenty (20) who will take it from that point to the end albeit evictions along the way.

On the 14th October 2020, today, the Fifty-Two shortlisted participants will start taking part in a Quarantine Drama that will last up to the 18th October 2020 when the ultimate Twenty Housemates will finally emerge.

The voting process is simple: To vote for your favourite contestant just send his or her respective number via SMS to 5500 or dial *5500#. For Diaspora Voting supporters of the respective contestants can call +232 99 00 5500.

For now all the fifty two (52) top applicants or contestants that made it during the audition have unique numbers. It is their unique or respective numbers that should be sent via text message (SMS) to 5500 or by dialling *5500#.

Presently, these ambitious contestants are desperately trying to garner support from the public by lobbying, using various platforms such as AYV Television and the social media to woo members of the public to cast their votes for them. The ways and manner in which they are doing so is quite interesting.

Indeed, the moment is here and the stage is now set for another fun time which many, in different parts of the country and overseas, have indeed be eagerly waiting for. Time, they say, flies!

The organizers of the Reality TV Show, AYV and Africell, have ensured that all the necessary preparations have been put in place to bring exciting episodes from this entertainment show.

Although the successful Housemates gave various reasons why they decided to participate in the show, however, presumably, one of the main driving forces that could have influenced these young people to participate in the contest may largely be attributed to the dream of emerging as the ultimate winner to bag the Two Hundred and Fifty Million Leones (Le250M) star prize and undertake a round trip to Dubai as planned by the organizers of the event, Africell and AYV Media Empire.

But one striking thing about how the event is planned is that each of the Housemates will earn One Hundred Thousand Leones (Le100, 000) for each day spent in the House and the accumulative sum handed over to him or her when evicted from the House as the show progresses.

When once they are in the House the Housemates are expected to appear sexy and display some form of nudity.

Again, if sometimes they talk harshly then it is because they are to intermittently use strong language and act funnily as the expectation is for them to of be humorous. Manifestation of these traits is what will really make the Reality TV Show very interesting to watch, providing some form of comic relief for viewers and serving as a therapy to reduce stresses.
Organisers of the event, Africa Young Voices (AYV) and Africell are very enthusiast to enhance youth empowerment in the country and Housemates Salone is one platform that will provide that for the young competitors.

The main rationale behind putting together Housemates Salone Season 2 is to promote youth empowerment

The Housemates will be assigned various tasks to perform that could shape their characters, they will be availed the opportunity to learn new skills, improve on existing ones. They will also be emotionally tested, afforded the space to find panacea to certain human problems and do a host of other things.

Furthermore, the Housemates will benefit from widespread exposure as the Show will be watched near and far. Talents will be spotted and vistas of opportunities could be opened as some of the Housemates would be earmarked to become Brand Ambassadors, movie artists, models etc.

The Housemates stand to benefit from motivational lectures and added to that they will be availed the opportunity to socialize, learn how to play different games, how to speak fluently etc. With all these it will definitely transform the Housemates from what their characters were before they entered the House.

But financially empowering these Housemates is one of the most important channels of making them relevant in society. Each day spent in the House will earn a Housemate Le100, 000. The winner will bag Le250, 000,000 and he or she is expected to champion a key project that could positively impact the lives of young people in this country.

It is an open secret that since its inception the African Young Voices (AYV) has been providing opportunities for young people to have their voices heard, to learn new skills and meaningfully contribute to overall national development.
This youth empowerment drive is one of the cardinal objectives of this renowned media empire and it has been successfully rolling it out.

On the part of Africell, the telecommunications service providers had been supporting various entertainment activities and even young artists in the country with the avowed aim of catching them young and as well contribute to enable young people to realise their full potentials and bring them out.

As it is going to be an interesting and widely watched Reality TV Show on AYV TV Channel 34, Housemates Salone will also provide a marketing platform for many corporate and business institutions such as Banks, business houses, entertainment entities etc, who are effectively making use of the channel to advertise their products and services.

As advertisement is key to marketing through this means provided by Housemates Salone these business entities are presently reaching out to the wider public.
The competition is going to be keen, especially after Sierra Leoneans have enjoyed a successful Season1 and saw the handing over of the star prize to the eventual winner.

Once the show commences on the 14th October 2020  it will be streamed live online at Africa Young Voices Media Empire Facebook page, AYV entertainment TV, Africell Sierra Leone Facebook page and on website at

Housemates Salone Season 2, from all indications, will turn out to be a very interesting and tantalizing show as the episodes unfold until the event culminates into the Grand Finale. Don’t miss out. Make a date with Housemates Salone, the Quarantine Drama.


  1. Hi am trying to vote out of sierra leone but when I enter the +23299005500 it not going it tell me invalid number can someone help please.


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