AYV DStv Channel 399 is now live in Nigeria and Across Africa!

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By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Africa Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire has announced the launch of its new channel, AYV DStv Channel 399, now available in Nigeria and across the African continent. This expansion marks a significant milestone for AYV as it aims to reach broader audiences with its diverse range of entertainment and news content.

The inauguration of the channel was celebrated with the premiere of “Wake Up Sierra Leone,” a magazine show hosted by Amb. Anthony Navo Jr., CEO of AYV, and Ahmed Sahid Nasralla, President of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists. This program sets the tone for AYV’s commitment to providing reliable news coverage and engaging entertainment to its viewers.

Amb. Anthony Navo Jr., CEO of AYV Media Empire, expressed his excitement and pride regarding this pivotal moment in AYV’s history. He emphasized the importance of expanding AYV’s reach across Africa and highlighted the potential for the media to contribute positively to the continent’s development. The launch of AYV DStv Channel 399 in Nigeria signifies AYV’s dedication to increasing its broadcast footprint and enhancing audience engagement throughout Africa.

The CEO also extended his gratitude to MultiChoice, AYV’s reliable partner, for their collaboration in making this expansion possible. With AYV’s presence on DStv, audiences can look forward to a plethora of multicultural content, including the latest news, live events, music, movies, series and exclusive TV shows.

The launch of AYV DStv Channel 399 represents a significant step forward for AYV in its mission to provide high-quality entertainment and news content to audiences across Africa. Viewers are encouraged to stay tuned to AYV Media on various platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and the AYV News website for updates and engaging content.

President of SLAJ, Ahmed Sahid Nasralla, lauded Africa Young Voices (AYV) for its entrance into the Nigerian market after joining Amb Anthony Navo Jnr on the prime time program “Wake Up Sierra Leone” on the 6th May,2024 to announce the launch of AYV DStv Channel 399 in Nigeria.

During the broadcast, Ahmed Sahid Nasralla expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This is great news and a huge development for the media in Sierra Leone. It also presents a significant opportunity to showcase the beauty and potential of our country to the African continent.”

Reflecting on AYV’s journey, he remarked, “The story of AYV is remarkable and inspiring—a testament to determination, courage and passion.” He also acknowledged the expansion of AYV from a newspaper to multiple media platforms, spanning countries such as Liberia, Ghana, the United Kingdom and now Nigeria.

Having served in various capacities within AYV, Ahmed Sahid Nasralla commended Amb. Navo for his dedication to investing in Sierra Leone’s media sector. “AYV represents hope for young people and those who believe in our nation’s potential,” he remarked.

The SLAJ President emphasized the significance of AYV’s expansion into Nigeria, noting the plethora of opportunities it brings for business, collaboration and partnerships in various sectors, including arts, entertainment, media development, filmmaking, music and comedy.

However, he stressed the importance of upholding quality content, professionalism and responsibility as AYV continues to grow and diversify its platform.

He concluded by thanking the entire AYV team and highlighted the company as a beacon of private sector investment in the media industry.

The expansion into the Nigerian market marks a milestone for AYV and signifies its commitment to amplifying voices across borders while showcasing Sierra Leone’s rich culture and potential.


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