Big Brother Kicks-Off on Thursday

As Valentine’s Day marks entry into the House…

What seemed to be a long time coming is now just one day ahead to commence full time. How time flies! Thursday, the 14th February 2019, St Valentine’s Day, widely considered to be Lovers’ Day, is the slated day for the 40 shortlisted contestants to enter the Big Brother House but on that same day 20 will be evicted for failing to make it to the final round. Those to be evicted will be paired according to the number of votes they pulled.
The balance 20 remaining henceforth will be known as Housemates all expected to exhibit and display their God-given talents in a variety of ways as stipulated by the organizers of the competition for six weeks. How they perform will be rated by a competent panel of Judges but what will also be very unique about the whole, first of its kind TV Reality Show in Sierra Leone, is that members of the public will have the freedom to vote for their favourite Housemates via an Africell number which definitely is going to determine those to stay in the House and those that will be evicted until the competition reaches its climax leading to the ultimate winner who will bag the covetous prize of One Hundred Million Leones (Le 100,000,000). Already the stage is set and final preparations have been completed for the world to witness a tantalizing entertainment show.
Many have really acclaimed the Africa Young Voices and Africell for injecting another new episode in the country’s entertainment industry that comes in the wake of the previous successfully rated Big Sister Show. This time round it is going to be 10 male and 10 female Housemates who will battle it out.

From what this medium understood the primary focus and objective of the organizers of this TV Reality Show is to foster Youth Empowerment and provide the platform for young people to become millionaires.

To show how committed the organizers, AYV and Africell, are to thrill the public both at home and abroad the country- wide auditions were so were well organized and there was no complaint of hitches or foul-play.
By every estimation they were lively and very interesting as some of the contestants held viewers spellbound, laughing their sides out because of the funny ways they responded to questions, some out of ignorance, nervousness and others comically. Other competitors displayed brilliance by responding intelligently to the questions posed by the Judges even having a blind girl in Makeni who through the way she carried herself impressed many.

Those interesting aspects of the auditions have now whetted the appetite of fans or viewers to really see how their favourite Housemates will convincingly display their God-given talents.

Public voting via Africell Toll Number 5500, totally free, for the 20 out of the 40 shortlisted names (10 male & 10 female) to enter the House ends Wednesday 13th February 2019 at 11:59 pm.

Sierra Leoneans in-country and overseas, who will be fortunate to tune in to AYV Television are definitely going to stay glued to their TV sets to watch the six weeks series of performances by the Housemates who are expected to impressively display their natural talents in different ways to fit into the stipulated criteria that the Judges will be looking forward to in order to make their assessments.

It is important to note that Big Brother is highly competitive and is an elimination contest with the determinant factor having to do with the number of votes that a particular Housemate pulls. However, for each day a housemate stays in the House he or she is entitled to the sum of One Hundred Thousand Leones (Le100, 000).

It was further disclosed that on the same 14th February 2019 – St. Valentine’s Day the first eviction will be done and this will be the 20 unlucky aspirants out of the 40 shortlisted contestants that the public had voted for, who were unable to poll the votes to qualify. They will receive Le 1 million each and other prizes like data, phones etc. The Le20 million was set aside by the AYV, whilst the other prizes will be offered by Africell.
On Saturday 9th February 2019 a float parade was organized in which the contestants actively participated and ended at the National Stadium which was part of a seven day calendar that started on Wednesday 6th February 2019 and will end today Wednesday 13th February 2019 during which there will be a Pick up Point & Checking at 5 pm to finally enter the House.
Reiterating, the 20 who failed to poll the votes polled by the other 20 aspirants will then be evicted and handed their packages. The contestants will be paired and the first pair will be evicted based on the number of votes scooped.
The stage is now well set and expectations are running high. The big question that will be on the lips of viewers is who is going to clinch the Le100, 000,000 after one month two weeks of staying in the House.


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