MMCE &T Inducts 1,300 Students

Cross-section of students

During a formal ceremony held at the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (MMCE&T), Congo Cross campus of the polytechnic on Saturday 9th February 2019, the Acting Principal, Dr. Philip John Kanu, stated that his administration has received positive assurances from Government that the college would soon be given a University status quoting the Chief Minister, Professor David Francis, a pronouncement he asserted has reinvigorated his administration’s commitment to do more.
He further affirmed that he would use all his contacts for the college to be transformed to a University maintaining that he believes in the students to fulfill their potentials and thanked the Chief Minister for revealing that Government is actively considering upgrading the college to a University for which they would not let him down.
The Principal also urged the students to uphold the standards and quality of the college, warned them not to attend a planned matriculation party on the same day at the beach insisting that there is no free party in the world but only a ploy to initiate them into secret societies, encouraged them to take advantage of the opportunity to learn now that Government has prioritized education underscoring that the New Direction administration is determined to provide and support human development to advance Sierra Leone.
Dr. Philip John Kanu further articulated that education unlocks the potentials of citizens, that no nation can develop without education, that with education, Sierra Leone would become a great nation again, that the college is an excellent place to acquire knowledge, pledged to do more, underscored that Government is on the trajectory of change to transform the country and acclaimed Government for his appointment.
Dr. Philip John Kanu highlighted his three priorities for the college that includes transforming the college to a University, infrastructural development underscoring that there would be no more fake grades for which he encouraged the students to study hard and that his administration is working audaciously to achieve his priorities.
Earlier in his welcome statement, the Dean of the Congo Cross campus, Engineer David M. Geggai acclaimed President Julius Maada Bio for declaring war on corruption, indiscipline and poverty that would see Sierra Leone great again asserting that Dr. Philip John Kanu is emulating the sterling example of the President to make the college great again and appealed to parents to ensure that their children are punctual in college.
Engineer David M. Geggai also commended the Chief Minister, Professor David Francis for recently revealing that Government is actively considering the transformation of the college to a University.
The Vice Principal and Director of Studies, Dr. M.A. Jalloh welcomed all the new students enlightening that the ceremony is to formally accept them into the college after taking the oath when they would be recognized as bonifide students disclosing that this year’s matriculation is exceptional due to the large number of applicants stressing that the students are the best and lucky few as a lot of applicants were unsuccessful.
Dr. M.A. Jalloh continued that matriculation ceremonies are important worldwide, that the students have fulfilled all the requirements of the college but warned them to maintain law and order, respect their colleagues and authorities, protect the college property, keep the hostels clean, avoid examination malpractices, cultism other nefarious activities and social vices concluding that the students did not make a mistake in choosing the college as they would make history and have a pleasant and memorable stay.
The Dean of the Faculty of Education, Ms. Elizabeth Taylor-Morgan administered the oath to the students while Mrs. Alima Jumu welcomed the students to the college and world of academia, reminded them to make good use of the opportunity, be studious, avoid cultism and comport themselves in and out of the college that would make the institution proud.
Highlights of the ceremony were the procession of matriculants, Deans of Faculties, Heads of Departments and Senior Administration Staff, the Acting Principal, the Vice, other dignitaries and special guests from the Methodist Girls High School to the college led by the Warden of Students and the College Marshall respectively, the oath taking and sample signing of the College Matriculation Register.
The vote of thanks was rendered by Nancy Sesay, pursuing Bachelor in Education, Public Health.


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