Big Surprise Awaits 20 Evicted Candidates

As Sierra Leoneans Chose Big Brother Housemates…


Barely days to the commencement of the Big Brother Salone 2019 Reality TV Show, the organisers, AYV and Africell are bent on making the 20 candidates who will be evicted from the shortlisted number of 40, get something to take home, satisfied that their efforts were not in vain. It will further encourage them that if you fail once don’t give up, but try again, may be the next time around you will succeed.

In an exclusive interview with the Chief Executive Officer of the AYV, Ambassador Anthony Navo Jnr. he disclosed that it is their intention that on day one of the show (i.e. 14th February 2019 – St. Valentine’s Day) the first eviction will be done and this will be the 20 unlucky aspirants out of the 40 shortlisted contestants that the public had voted for, who were unable to poll the votes to qualify. According to Amb. Navo, they will receive Le 1 million each and other prizes like data, phones etc. The Le20 million was set aside by the AYV, whilst the other prizes are offered by Africell. This, he said, is to show their intention which is to empower and promote young talents in the country.

Amb. Navo went on further to say that all 40 shortlisted candidates are qualified to be in the House, but only 20 housemates are needed, hence the turning of the choice over to members of the public to choose. This is to show how transparent the selection process has been. He also disclosed that all 40 aspirants will be showed to the public and take part in a float parade to end at the National Stadium. Presently there is an on-going seven day calendar which on it various activities starting on Wednesday 6th February 2019 with a workshop, Thursday 7th – medical, Friday –clubing, Saturday-float parade that will start at 7 am, Sunday – to watch Football game at the National Stadium, Monday-Tacugama ,Tuesday-AYV, Wednesday –Pick up Point & Checking at 5 pm.

He said that on the 14th February all the aspirants will enter the House and on the same day the 20 who failed to poll the votes polled by the other 20 aspirants will then be evicted and given their packages. He further disclosed that anxious time awaits the other housemates who will remain in the House, as during the week there will be what is called Valentine week eviction. The contestants will be paired and the first pair will be evicted over that weekend based on the number of votes as earlier stipulated.

From what was learnt after series of investigation conducted Sierra Leoneans in and out of the country have commended AYV and Africell for rolling out what they have described the first ever Reality TV show that will show case the talents of young male and female Sierra Leoneans saying that such is a real demonstration of boosting the entertainment industry in the country.

“We are appealing for more improvements to be made in making Big Brother more bigger and interesting in subsequent year because it will bring this country the international limelight,” Fatmata Senesie suggested.



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