Borrow a Leaf from NP-Sierra Leone for Success

    National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited

    By Amin Kef Sesay

    One successful business entity worthy of emulation is the indomitable National Petroleum –Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd)  for the simple reason that  since its establishment by indigenous Sierra Leoneans years back the company has grown exponentially to really become a force to reckon with in the petroleum marketing landscape of this country.

    The significance of the private sector to economic growth in any country cannot be underestimated simply because the public sector or in other words, Government, alone cannot for certain reasons invest in certain areas and competitively survive. Unlike the public sector there are not much bureaucratic channels or red-tapism to go through within the private sector when people want to do transactions. Undue use of political influence, within the public sector, to get things done in a polarised nation as ours  has the tendency of derailing efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery, which therefore   makes it urgently necessary for the private sector to take its rightful position and be availed the conducive conditions  to make its operators more relevant to overall national development.

    It is really advisable for individuals who intend to come together to establish private business enterprises, that they may ambitiously want to see thriving in order to derive value for money, to indeed borrow a leaf from NP-SL Ltd. It must be registered at this particular juncture that the company is not completely saintly perfect but as far as investigation mounted by this medium has revealed the success stories of the company outweighs any lapse or deficiency that could be detected based on from what perspective a particular individual may see it.

    However, selflessness on the part of those who bought shares out of their end of service benefits while the British Petroleum company was folding up where they were hitherto working and  decided to pull their resources together is paying dividends. They patiently translated outlined policies tangibly on the ground to see expected outcomes. Selflessly, egotism was shoved aside thereby preventing a situation where just a single individual or  a cable could just bulldoze their ways acting according to their whims and caprices which could have really been suicidal or inimical to the development of the company.

    Another exemplary attribute that has transformed NP-SL throughout is the premium that the shareholders, Board Members and Management have been placing on prioritizing customer care which has earned the company the reputation of 1st For Customer Care. For them without making their esteemed customers feel fulfilled then the company could not have forged ahead.

    This same trend continues to this day which is why all their Filling Stations are attractively constructed with modern gadgets one of  which  is having calibrated pumping machines that are very transparent always reposing confidence in customers that they are exactly paying for the quantity of petroleum products that they do purchase. In most of these stations customers also have access to mini shopping marts and relaxation points that do not jeopardize safety.

    Most probably embracing the country’s Local Content Policy of first considering giving employment priority to indigenes could be one of the reasons why the company has been doing extremely well. Creating the impression among Sierra Leoneans that the entity is 100% indigenously based has heightened the feeling of ownership which could be a motivating factor for them to give their utmost best in accomplishing assigned tasks or delegated responsibilities.

    The strict adherence to the implementation of the Local Content Policy has helped in creating employment opportunities, reducing poverty and availing avenues to enhance the human capital of the nation. Would-be investors must take this into serious consideration instead of relying on importation of expatriates who are paid astronomical salaries most times taking such out of the country. It must also be highlighted that instead of importing certain materials alternative local sources must be explored for raw materials that are used in the manufacturing and service delivery sectors.

    It has been observed that any serious entrepreneur must always try to catch up with the latest innovations and technologies to improve on efficiency and invariably save avoidable costs and time. He or she must strive to make customers comfortable.

    This has been charted by NP-SL through the company’s introduction of NP Smart Card, which like any ATM Card or mobile phone could be top up from time to time and used to procure petroleum products that the company offers for sale. According to the responses of most customers, using NP Smart Cards, it was discerned that it is safe, reliable to use without the usual excuse of “the system is down” as it is the case when one attempts to withdraw monies from certain commercial banks. Making use of latest technological devices and systems is a sine quo non for any successful business establishment.

    Offering other essential goods apart from the main items that a particular business entity has to offer could serve as a magnetic force to attract more customers. NP-SL has mastered that art which is why it has on offer for sale NP Gas at all its Filling Stations and from all authorized dealers. NP Gas has been environmentally certified as safe and quick for cooking purposes.

    NP-SL Ltd is indeed a source of inspiration and has attributes plus style worthy of emulation by any company that is in its formative stage.






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