Brewery Honors Media Partnerships at Stellar Media Cocktail Event

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) raised a toast to the thriving collaboration with media stalwarts during a glitzy Media Cocktail event held at the Decode Lounge, Lumley Beach Road, on December 19, 2023. The soirée, themed: “Appreciating the Media,” welcomed a cohort of media professionals, influencers and industry stakeholders, celebrating the pivotal role of the Press in SLBL’s journey.

The exclusive gathering, an ode to the symbiotic relationship between SLBL and the media, buzzed with vibrant energy as guests mingled, relishing in the camaraderie that defines the media landscape. Against a backdrop of exotic libations from SLBL, delectable cuisine, and captivating entertainment, attendees reveled in the festive spirit.

Foday Daboh, the Corporate Affairs Manager at SL Brewery Limited, delivered a concise yet poignant address, extolling the media’s indispensable contribution to the company’s evolution. He underscored the media’s role as custodians of truth, pivotal in amplifying SLBL’s brand identity and bridging societal gaps in the corporate realm.

“As we gather here today at the close of this remarkable year, I express profound gratitude for the invaluable partnership between SLBL and the media throughout 2023. Your unwavering commitment to fair and accurate reporting has been pivotal in our journey,” remarked Mr. Daboh, emphasizing the relationship’s foundation on mutual respect and integrity.

Beyond the festivities, SLBL showcased a resounding appreciation for the media’s tireless efforts in covering their events, campaigns and promotional activities. This gesture underscored the company’s commitment to fostering enduring relationships with media entities and cultivating trust among stakeholders.

The event epitomized SLBL’s acknowledgment of the media’s monumental role in society, setting a benchmark for corporate entities to recognize and honor the media’s invaluable contributions. With meticulous planning and a touch of sophistication, the gathering etched a memorable experience for media representatives across diverse sectors.

SL Brewery’s heartfelt recognition served as a morale booster for media practitioners, signaling a beacon of appreciation sorely needed in the industry. It stands as an exemplary model for other corporate entities to emulate, fostering a culture of appreciation and collaboration.

The Media Cocktail event succeeded in its mission, providing an ambiance conducive to fostering corporate appreciation and forging enduring connections. It offered a platform for media professionals to unwind, network, and forge stronger bonds with the brands they report on, nurturing relationships that promise longevity and mutual growth.


  1. The blog post “Brewery Honors Media Partnerships at Stellar Media Cocktail Event” on highlights the importance of collaboration and media partnerships. It’s wonderful to see organizations recognizing and celebrating these valuable relationships. 🍻📰🤝


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