Brewery’s 2024 Distributors Conference Ends with Commitments & Honors

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By Amin Kef Sesay

Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) recently concluded its 2024 Distributors Conference at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Freetown, a gathering that celebrated the dedication and hard work of its partners while setting the stage for enhanced collaboration and service delivery.

The conference, graced by SLBL’s Management Team and Key Distributors from various corners of Sierra Leone, served as a platform to confront the challenges encountered in 2023 and outline strategies for elevating customer service standards in 2024. Key distributors received well-deserved recognition for their pivotal role in ensuring the seamless distribution of SLBL products to meet the escalating market demands while ensuring customer satisfaction.

An outstanding highlight of the event was SLBL’s commitment to women empowerment in Sierra Leone, with over 80% of its key distributors being women. Despite the hurdles faced in the business landscape throughout 2023 and 2024, SLBL expressed unwavering confidence in its capacity to consistently deliver satisfactory customer service by ensuring product availability at affordable prices. Looking ahead, SLBL reiterated its determination to amplify its volume by concentrating on winning brands, channels and distributors to optimize market penetration. Presently, SLBL maintains partnerships with 13,654 outlets across Sierra Leone.

In acknowledgment of the remarkable contributions of its longstanding distributors, SLBL presented awards in various categories:


1. Sugar Loaf
2. Hawa Foday
3. Kasasa GP


1. Sugar Loaf
2. Mary and Sons
3. Mems


1. Hawa Foday
2. Bayco
3. Patrilla

Addressing the gathering, SLBL’s Managing Director, Ayokunle Owoniyi, dispelled circulating rumors on social media, affirming SLBL’s steadfast commitment to its operations. He urged distributors and other stakeholders to sustain their collaborative efforts to ensure the enduring success of SLBL for generations to come. Furthermore, the Managing Director reassured stakeholders of SLBL’s continuous engagement and recognition of their contributions to enhance services for the betterment of Sierra Leone.

Distributors expressed their delight and reaffirmed their commitment to continue partnering with SLBL, underlining their role in supporting their families and the families of their employees.


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