Charles Champion Conteh Addresses Key Issues in Northeast Sierra Leone

Charles Champion Conteh.jpg

By Esther Wright

Charles Champion Conteh, Strategic Communications Officer at the Ministry of Information and Civic Education, engaged with community and local leaders in the Northeast region to discuss peace, development and national unity. The meeting, held on Thursday, May 30, 2024, in the Mena Gbanti Section courtroom, Makeni, was part of ongoing efforts to foster dialogue and strengthen community ties in Sierra Leone.

Charles Conteh, known for his consistent outreach efforts, highlighted his engagement with various societal stakeholders, including law enforcement officers, youth organizations, and market women. He emphasized the importance of addressing critical questions and broadening the scope of conversations about national unity.

The session, initiated by the Acting Section Chief of Mena Gbanti, Mohamed Rado, began with introductions and a series of questions aimed at understanding the purpose of Conteh’s visit.  Conteh congratulated Rado and his Executive team on their recent electoral victory, reassuring them of the Government’s commitment to support and elevate their roles as local and traditional leaders. He acknowledged their crucial role in uniting the society through the powers granted by the Local Council’s Act.

During the hour-long meeting, Conteh discussed the progress made by the Government and the challenges that have been addressed. He stressed the significance of peace in post-war Sierra Leone, noting that economic growth and investment opportunities hinge on a stable and peaceful environment. He reminded the leaders of the devastating 11-year civil war that left the nation vulnerable, while other countries advanced.

In his concluding remarks, Charles Conteh underscored the importance of maintaining peace for societal progress. He addressed concerns about the much-discussed “Tripartite Committee,” affirming that there will be no rerun of the recently concluded presidential elections and confirmed that the next presidential election will be held in 2028.

The engagement with local and traditional leaders marks a continued effort by the Ministry of Information and Civic Education to promote peace and national cohesion across Sierra Leone.


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