Journalist Alie Badara Calls for Government Protection Amid Police Corruption Allegations

Alie Badara.jpg

By Amin Kef Sesay

Alie Badara, an investigative journalist based in Bo, Southern Sierra Leone, has called for Government protection following his exposé on alleged police corruption related to the synthetic drug known as KUSH. He has been closely monitoring the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) in Bo, in their efforts to combat the illegal drug trade, uncovering what he describes as a disturbing pattern of dubious activities.

In his investigation, Badara noted significant discrepancies between the quantities of drugs seized, including KUSH and other substances like Tramadol, and the number of suspects held in police custody. He suspects that some of the seized drugs are being illicitly sold by the Exhibit Officer responsible for handling those substances.

“Rumors are circulating that the Exhibit Officer is profiting from the sale of confiscated drugs,” Alie Badara stated. “This undermines the entire operation against illegal drug use and distribution.”

His revelations have not gone unnoticed. He has faced considerable backlash, especially after making several Facebook posts highlighting what he sees as police excesses and pretense in the fight against KUSH. This online activity has allegedly led to threats against him, further heightening his concerns for personal safety.

On May 28, 2024, at approximately at 13:46, he received threatening calls from an individual identified as Morles. Using multiple unregistered SIM cards, Morles verbally abused Badara’s mother and threatened to burn down his house that night.

In response to those threats, Badara reported the incident to the Bo East Police Division. Despite knowing the identities of those behind the threats, he remains undeterred in his quest for accountability. He has called on the Anti-Corruption Commission to urgently investigate the allegations against the SLP, emphasizing the need for immediate action to address that corruption.

“I will not be intimidated into silence,” Alie Badara declared. “I will continue to publish my findings until there is action.”

For now, the journalist stands firm in his commitment to exposing the truth, hoping his calls for government intervention will not go unheard.


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