Chief Minister Outlines Vision for Sierra Leone’s Economic Rebirth

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a bid to combat the prevailing economic hardships, Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, David Moinina Sengeh, has laid out an ambitious roadmap for the country’s resurgence. Addressing the nation on his Facebook page on Saturday, July 29, 2023, the Chief Minister acknowledged the tough global conditions but remained resolute in the Government’s determination to navigate through these turbulent times.

With an unwavering commitment to bolster the nation’s economy, Chief Minister Sengeh outlined a multifaceted approach. The Government will focus on increasing revenue generation, streamlining grant acquisition and management, fostering trade and private investments, and optimizing expenditure to achieve greater efficiency.

Amidst soaring commodity prices and hardships faced by ordinary citizens, Chief Minister Sengeh’s plan aims to instill hope and rejuvenate the country’s economic prospects. Sierra Leone’s President, Julius Maada Bio, attributed these challenges to the lingering effects of the war in Ukraine. Additionally, the devaluation of Sierra Leone’s currency, the Leone, ranked it among the top five in Johns Hopkins’ Hancke Currency Watchlist for 2022.

Nevertheless, Chief Minister Sengeh remains optimistic as the Leone shows signs of recovery, although progress may be gradual to counter the impact of inflation. He assured the public that Sierra Leone is on the right path, and the positive results will be evident in the coming years.

During a significant event, the ECAM Council Conference in Rome on July 24, 2023, Chief Minister Sengeh underscored key issues related to Sierra Leone’s progress. The theme, ‘Driving Change Today for a Prosperous Planet Tomorrow,’ with a focus on ‘Food Security and Sustainable Healthcare,’ highlighted the nation’s commitment to transforming its agricultural sector through technology, innovation, and sustainability.

Addressing the challenges in the healthcare system, the Government’s priority is to strengthen primary healthcare, prevent diseases, and enhance health education. The integration of technology, such as telemedicine and mobile health applications, will bridge the healthcare gap, ensuring quality services reach even the most remote areas.

Chief Minister Sengeh emphasized that transformative change requires collaborative efforts beyond geographic, political, and cultural borders. Sierra Leone’s diverse ecosystems and abundant natural resources demand sustainable practices, including reforestation efforts and the expansion of renewable energy initiatives, to combat the threats posed by climate change.

Inviting international partners to support Sierra Leone’s endeavors, Chief Minister Sengeh called for joint efforts to achieve the nation’s Big 5 Game Changers: ‘FEED SALONE,’ ‘HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT,’ ‘YOUTH EMPLOYMENT,’ ‘PUBLIC SECTOR REFORM,’ and ‘INFRASTRUCTURE AND DIGITIZATION.’

President Julius Maada Bio’s commitment to inclusivity is evident in his cabinet, where a significant number of young men and women, along with women’s representation, hold prominent positions. President Bio believes that reducing inequalities is crucial for a sustainable world and is actively leading by example.

Chief Minister Sengeh’s vision is to foster a shared future of hope, resilience, and prosperity for generations to come. As Sierra Leone strives for lasting change, he invited the global community to join hands in creating a better and sustainable tomorrow.

With a comprehensive economic revival plan and a strong focus on sustainable development, Chief Minister Sengeh’s vision aims to propel Sierra Leone toward a brighter future, where challenges are met with determination and collaboration, fostering prosperity and well-being for all.

As Sierra Leone strives for lasting change, Chief Minister Sengeh called upon the global community to join hands and build a shared future of hope, resilience, and prosperity for generations to come.


  1. I thought we are a “sovereign” nation and that was being screamed by this illegitimate administration just a couple weeks ago, yet, now we are “inviting international partners to support Sierra Leone’s endeavors” which is just a more pallatable way to say we are begging for funds. Is a beggar nation that cannot function without foreign aid truly independent?

  2. It is hard to say but it pains me to read and hear about our beloved country Sierra Leone depending mostly on international donors to bail out mama Salone financially in order to run our country. Yes past government played a big roll into putting Sierra Leone in this misery due to bad governance. However, Sierra Leone can stop this dependency from international donors if we review our taxation policies, in order for this government to collect more taxes to run our country with little help from international donors. Developed countries do not mess about their taxes because this is what is making them to be who they are in terms of wealth. But in Sierra Leone, some people are not paying tax for example, local building contractors (that are making huge sum of money). As long as one is making money in Sierra Leone, one should pay tax.


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