National Consortium On Public Accountability Affirms Toll Gate Tariff Adjustment

National Consortium on Public Accountability.jpg

By Esther Wright

In a recent press release dated 11th May 2024 and signed by Ahmed M. Yillah, Team Lead, CSO National Consortium on Public Accountability, it was stated that the entity fully supports the adjustment of the Toll Gate Tariffs, citing compelling evidence of progress and success along the CRSG Wellington—Masiaka Highway.

The Consortium, a prominent Civil Society Organization dedicated to upholding constitutional and human rights, enhancing transparency and accountability and promoting civic engagement, pointed out how it conducted thorough assessments and engagements regarding the state of infrastructure in Sierra Leone.

Highlighting the dire condition of many roads in the country, including the historically problematic Wellington—Masiaka route, the Consortium underscored the pivotal role of infrastructure in driving economic development and social progress. It continued that the construction and operation of the Wellington—Masiaka Highway by China Railway Seventh Group (CRSG) represents a significant milestone in Sierra Leone’s infrastructural development efforts.

According to the Consortium’s findings, the Wellington—Masiaka Highway has brought about tangible benefits for road users, including reduced congestion, travel time and accidents, as well as limited vehicle repairs.

National Consortium on Public Accountability stated how the modern plaza facilities and scenic enhancements have boosted the country’s image and attracted investments, creating employment opportunities and fostering a sense of pride among residents and visitors.

It furthered how in addition to the Toll Gate project, CRSG’s commitment to community development along the highway corridor, including provisions for parking lots, solar lighting, traffic management, markets and support for local initiatives, has garnered widespread acclaim and served as a model for road development across Africa.

The approval of the Toll Gate Tariff adjustment by Parliament, the National Consortium on Public Accountability said, reflects a collective acknowledgment of the highway’s positive impact on national development adding that through extensive consultations and deliberations, Parliamentarians endorsed the tariff adjustment as a realistic measure to sustain the highway’s operations and support ongoing infrastructural initiatives.

The National Consortium on Public Accountability ended by urging citizens to recognize and appreciate Parliament’s decision, emphasizing its alignment with national development objectives as well as reaffirming its commitment to promoting transparency, accountability and public engagement in Sierra Leone’s governance processes.


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