Chinese Experts Remove 19 Fibroids from Deaf Sierra Leonean Patient

19 Fibroids Successfully Removed
19 Fibroids Successfully Removed
Professor Shu Chuqiang and Deputy Chief Physician: Liu Qiuhong Perform Surgery Together
Professor Shu Chuqiang and Deputy Chief Physician: Liu Qiuhong Perform Surgery Together

By Foday Moriba Conteh

On Wednesday 2nd August, 2023, Liu Qiuhong, from the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital in China, who is currently the Deputy Chief Physician of the 24th Batch of China Medical Team to Sierra Leone attached at the China-Sierra Leone Friendship Hospital, and Professor Shu Chuqiang, an expert  of  the Sierra Leone Project of China South-South Cooperation Fund, performed hysteromyoma on the same table on a deaf and mute patient with multiple uterine fibroids in Sierra Leone, relieving the pain of patient with heavy periods.

According to the Chinese Experts, the patient, prior to the surgery has been plagued by heavy menstrual flow and dysmenorrhea for several months due to poor communication. She has multiple uterine fibroids, extensive and dense adhesions to the surrounding intestines, unclear anatomical structure and level and great risk of damage to the surrounding organs.

As the China South-South Cooperation Fund Sierra Leone Project expert team came to the hospital for training, the Chinese Medical Team invited Professor Shu Chuqiang to share the table for treatment. Professor Shu Chuqiang, is a professor of Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, and has high attestation in the treatment of gynecological tumors and cervical lesions. This time, as the team leader of the Sierra Leone Project of China South-South Cooperation Fund, he came to Sierra Leone for a two-week training to provide technical support to local health care personnel.

They will be trained in the management of early and late cervical cancer, obstetric complications and emergency and critical care, sharing Chinese programs and Chinese standards, and improving local women’s awareness of safe childbirth and the service capacity of relevant medical institutions.

The two Chinese experts worked together to separate the adhesion between the fibroids and the bowel carefully and gently, and completely stop the bleeding. Professor Shu Chuqiang used baseball suture to suture the fibroids and remove the wound during the operation. This method can reduce the difficulty of suture, fully stop the bleeding, shorten the operation time, and ensure the efficiency and quality of suture. In less than two hours, experts successfully removed up to 19 fibroids of various sizes, so that the patient no longer suffers from heavy menstruation problems.

Liu Qiuhong ,Deputy Chief Physician, stated that the uterine fibroids are common and frequently occurring diseases in gynecology, which can lead to heavy menstruation, anemia, dymenorrhea, infertility, etc. If there are symptoms, it is recommended that female friends seek medical treatment in time to listen to the doctor’s recommendations for follow-up observation or receive corresponding treatment to improve the quality of life and fertility.


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