Choithram Memorial Hospital Announces Free Two-Week Surgical Camp

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Choithram Memorial Hospital, a leading private medical institution in Sierra Leone, is set to host a no-cost surgical camp from January 9 to January 23, 2024. The initiative is a collaborative initiative between the hospital and Interplast Germany, spearheaded by Dr. M. L. Baryoh, the Sierra Leonean Ambassador to Germany.

The Hospital Management has confirmed that a seasoned team of German plastic surgeons will provide complimentary consultations and treatments. These medical professionals, who have been making their services available to Sierra Leoneans since 2010, will perform the surgeries free of charge. The camp’s operations will be supervised by Dr. Eric Wongo, a plastic surgeon.

Choithram Hospital has a long-standing tradition of organizing such community service events, extending access to high-quality medical care to those who otherwise wouldn’t afford it. The upcoming medical camp will cater to patients with conditions such as post-burn contracture, hand, feet, and wrist disorders/deformities, hand and feet tumors, as well as cleft lip and palate.

The German medical team consists of eight specialists, namely Dr. Med Lutz Gruhl, Dr. Bernd Heidemann, Dr. Olaf Weigt, Dr. Karolina Lischka, Dr. Franziska von Sievers, Mr. Nikolaus Brunner, Mrs. Andrea Schmidt, and Mrs. Monika Schäfer.

Choithram’s Medical Superintendent, Dr. Gowrinath M. George, expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Dr. M. L. Baryoh for his instrumental role in the initiative. “Without Dr. Baryoh’s tireless efforts in connecting Interplast and Choithram Hospital, this camp would not have been possible,” Dr. George stated.

The hospital also announced the upcoming installation of a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine, which is expected to be operational by the first week of January 2024.

Harish Agnani, the Chief Administrator of Choithram Group, reinforced the hospital’s dedication to offering quality healthcare for all, a vision that has guided the institution since its inception.

Patients interested in the free surgical camp are advised to contact the hospital at +23276541331 for registration or visit the hospital in Hill Station, Freetown. Registration is open from December 8 to December 19, 2023.


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