Orange SL Credits the Media for Successful Achievements

By Alvin Lansana Kargbo

In a gesture of gratitude, Orange SL on Monday, December 11th, 2023 hosted an engaging session at the company’s headquarters in Freetown to honor the pivotal role played by the media in contributing to the company’s achievements. The event, named Orange H2 Media Engagement, saw departmental heads present their annual reports while acknowledging the media’s steadfast commitment to accuracy and timely dissemination of information.

Madam Danetta Young, General Secretary of Orange SL, emphasized the company’s acknowledgment of the media’s significance, praising their commitment to delivering precise and timely news about Orange SL to the public.

Alpha Bundu, the keynote speaker at the event, elucidated on the purpose behind engaging with the media further stressing the importance of informing journalists about Orange SL’s milestones, fostering interaction and expressing appreciation for the diverse roles journalists play in keeping the public informed about the company’s activities, investments and aspirations.

He highlighted the symbiotic relationship between Orange SL and the media, attributing the company’s recognition as a leading digitization partner to the amplifying role of the media. Underscoring how communication has transformed into a necessity he also acknowledged the profound impact of both the traditional and social media in shaping interactions between businesses and customers.

According to him, Orange SL is committed to ensuring its products and services meet the needs of its customers and citizens, attaching value to every voice that carries an Orange SIM.

On his part, Kamal Abass, in his corporate highlights, underscored the company’s commitment to providing job opportunities for Sierra Leoneans.

Dauda M. Bangura, CEO of Owl Newspaper and a representative of Orange Media Partners, emphasized the media’s crucial role in Orange SL’s success, promising continued support despite economic challenges.

Madam Mabel Mason extended gratitude to media practitioners for their unwavering support, attributing the company’s brand credibility to the sustained backing from the media.

During the climax of the engagement, Alpha Bundu reiterated the essence of the H2 media session, reaffirming Orange SL’s commitment to transparency, trust, and loyalty by valuing customers’ feedback and acknowledging the media’s integral role in shaping the company’s journey.

The event ended with an enhanced sense of mutual appreciation and recognition of the enduring partnership between Orange SL and the media, highlighting a shared commitment to delivering quality information and services to the public.


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