Commemorating World Disability Day… Africell Pays One Year Fee for 106 Kids of the Deaf & Dumb School

By Millicent Sinava Mannah

As Sierra Leone joined the rest of the world to commemorate World Disability Day on the 3rd November 2021, one of the leading mobile companies operating in the country, Africell has donated a whole year’s fee for all the kids at Deaf and Dumb School in total of 106 kids.

That disclosure was made when some members of staff of the company participated in an organized a Fun Day at the school, hob-nobbing with the kids on the school grounds as a way of commemorating the day with them.

Africell Human Resources Manager, Patricia Jangah, explained that the year is getting closer to an end they have mapped out three different events of which what they are now doing is part of that arrangement. She maintained that the event provided the leeway for them to also show their human face as a company through their staff.

Patricia stated that the donation of paying a whole year fee for all the kids  is a fulfillment of  a promise they made to the school in their previous visit to the school, continuing that they feel fulfilled seeing that the children were very happy during the party.

Patricia Jangah furthered that they want the children to feel loved and belonged, which, according to her, is the main rationale behind organizing the Fun Day.

Winifred Kamara-Cole, Head Teacher of the School, extended gratitude, on behalf of the kids, to Africell for the donation and for the Fun Day they conducted for them, continuing that the children are feeling happy and belonged for such an event taking place in their school.

She furthered that these children are like any other normal kids and they can do anything that normal human beings can do except their inability to speak or for some to hear, continuing that the kids are also very talented in many skilled works.

Winifred Kamara-Cole encouraged parents, who give birth to such kids,  not to get rid of them but to give them the best because, they like any other kids, have the potentials of becoming people of influence in society.


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