Commendations Continue to Flow for NP’s Effective Service Delivery


    By Amin Kef Sesay

    It is on record that the National Petroleum Company is gaining wide commendations for effectively assuaging the petroleum needs of members of the public in the country. Without mincing the truth, nobody can contest the indisputable fact that the National Petroleum (NP) Sierra Leone Limited is a success story being a formidable business entity that is greatly contributing to overall national development. It is one of the buoyant business entities that are completely owned by Sierra Leoneans having no foreigner or politician as shareholder which makes it purely an indigenous company.

    From its humble beginning in this country, NP can now boast of having branches in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory and The Gambia  in the West African sub-region. The company has demonstrated to the world that indeed Sierra Leoneans can be efficient entrepreneurs as well as sending the message that this country is a safe haven for investment.

    The number of jobs and taxes that NP has offered and is also paying has helped and still continues to continue to contribute to the Government’s revenue base from which the latter utilizes funds to roll out development programmes.  When we talk of poverty reduction and improving standards of living then the company has been helping directly and indirectly in those directions.

    There is no doubt that human existence could not really be comfortable in the absence of petroleum products. We need fuel to run our vehicles, our generators, there is need for gas to be utilized for cooking purposes, kerosene is used for different purposes. NP SL Ltd is a leading entity that makes easy accessibility to these various petroleum products possible.

    Management of the company always ensures that these products are readily available in order to prevent occurrence of shortage. The company really deserves a pat on the back when cognizance is taken of the fact that it is customer friendly as it forms a cardinal part of their mantra in optimizing customer satisfaction,

    Talking with a businessman in Freetown , he noted that because of the selflessness and commitment of those who opted to buy the company when the Government decided to sell it 23 years ago, NP has been able to empower more than 350,000 Sierra Leoneans, build 38 stations countrywide as part of the many accomplishments it has registered.

    One unique thing about the company is that it is very innovative and matching with latest technology and devices. This characteristic is very evident in NP making use of latest transparent calibrated pumping machines, smart cards to purchase fuel, making it convenient for consumers as well as having sound tankers that transport fuel to different parts of the country.

    “I am very proud of the National Petroleum Company because it is offering a lot in terms of development, making this country very much attractive,” an Economist, Jacob Macauley expressed satisfaction about the company’s performance.

    Certain customers interviewed at a particular Filling station intimated that availing customers the opportunity to purchase basic items in their mini marts is making life comfortable as it minimizes the time consumed in doing so elsewhere especially when cognizance is taken of the fact that most times towns are jam-packed and parking spaces are limited.

    Starting as a small entity and through effective management the National Petroleum Company is growing by leaps and bounds helping to make Sierra Leone stand tall. The company is really a living testimony of dogged commitment and steadfastness in enhancing a small entity to become a success story achieved through selflessness.


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