Housemates Salone Season 2 is Set to be Really Thrilling


By Amin Kef Sesay

Though new in this country compared to Nigeria, Housemates Salone has now become a hotly debated and popular entertainment programme which many deem as a befitting conduit to enhance youth empowerment in various ways. As it is planned, those Housemates who will qualify to enter the House on the 14th October 2020 will be tasked with the responsibility to perform assigned tasks, throughout their stay, as directed by Chief, an unseen personality with a baritone voice.

One major impact that will be made within the ambit of empowerment is character development or moulding. In as much as the Housemates, twenty of them, will be socially interacting on a daily basis there is no iota of doubt that all of them will be doing their best to outwit each other in order to gain prominence. This could be accentuated, especially when all of them are conscious of the fact that it is only by bringing out the best in them that they stand the chances of pulling as many votes as possible from members of the public whose votes will determine the ultimate winner.

And the good thing is that the ultimate winner will bag the whooping sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Million Leones (Le250M) and be availed the opportunity to go on a round trip to Dubai. But also worthy of note is that for every day that any of the Housemates stay in the House, he or she becomes automatically eligible to earn one hundred thousand Leones (Le100, 000).

Looked at from whichever perspective, such is undoubtedly Financial Empowerment. For young people to find themselves at a vantage position to be financially empowered could be a source or a springboard to embark on other progressive projects that they could have in mind to roll out.

Currently, application forms are out and being sold for just one hundred and fifty thousand Leones (Le150, 000). Payment for the application forms could be done through Afrimoney and transaction IDs will be issued to purchasers which they will then use to access the forms. The telephone number to access application forms is 088 201020 (Afrimoney number) and a ‘fast track’ for those in the diaspora is available on line. Interested persons can apply on line through Africell and AYV websites; do their videos and send them to the judges on line. Interviews will be conducted online.

And for the benefit for those in the diaspora who may want to participate in the show they may contact the following: or

The closing date for receipt of all applications is the 21st August 2020, and audition will commence in the first week of September. On 21st September 2020, auditions will close and 40 finalists will be chosen who will then battle for the final 20. The final 20 will go into the House on the 14th October 2020.

When this medium conducted random surveys to sound the views of people in different parts of the country as to what they make up of Housemates Salone Season 2, most whom were contacted on the streets, offices, marketplaces, ataya bases, in taxis, in poda-podas expressed excitement and joy that the show is back. Many spoke copiously about how they truly enjoyed Housemates Season 1, saying it was well organized, full of fun and to a large extent exposed the country to the outside world. They further expressed optimism, judging from the Season 1,  that this  time again Season 2 is going to be superb, fantastic and really entertaining also praising the organizers for creating the platform for young people to benefit from youth empowerment.

“Let us make no mistake about it that there are talented young people in our midst but most times what is missing is for them getting the required support or boost to translate those in-built or God given talents into tangible realities on the ground that could impact positively on the lives of other individuals and the nation as a whole,” Abdul Sheriff, a youth leader residing at Lumley intimated this medium.

As the show will be broadcast on a 24 hours basis on AYV Television Channel 34, which is a channel that is widely watched in Sierra Leone and the outside world, there is every likelihood that the exposure that the Housemates will gain will help to market them. After Housemates Salone, there is every possibility that vista or windows of opportunities will be opened for them.

Learning and performing various chores like how to eloquently address an audience, how to cook, sing, dress, dance, coupled with financial gains, benefitting from ideas sharing, exposure, talks by officials from corporate institutions, how to resolve conflicts as well as some entering into lifetime relationships could just be some of the things that the competitors will stand to benefit from. They will also be taught problem solving skills, learn how to be motivational speakers, learn how to play new games and a host of other things that will strongly build up their characters as had been mentioned.

As the word is spreading faster that Housemates Salone is back and many, in and out of the country, have shown interest to participate it is but advisable for interested persons to now rush and secure their application forms as they say time and tide wait for no one.

Indeed, the show that many have been yearning for, Housemates Salone is back in grand style and it is going to be really thrilling.


  1. Thanks for bringing this kind of lucrative and youth empowerment programme,Im interested to be part of this programme.My question here is that …what is the duration of the programme in the house?


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