Community Fury Erupts Following Alleged Homosexual Activity: Salieu Jalloh Sought by Authorities

Salieu Jalloh.jpg

By Foday Moriba Conteh

The alarming trend of targeted physical assaults against individuals perceived to be gay continues, as exemplified by the recent case of Salieu Jalloh.

Reports reveal that Jalloh has faced intense intimidation and harassment from both family members and the community after being discovered engaging in homosexual activities with his partner, Samuel Kamara.

Consequently, the Sierra Leone Police, along with community youths, have launched a relentless search for Jalloh, who is now wanted by law enforcement.

Raised in an Islamic household, Jalloh’s actions have shocked his community, which prides itself on religious values. Both national laws and religious teachings vehemently prohibit such behavior, causing disappointment among community members who view it as a violation of their customs and traditions.

A resident of Wellington, who has known Jalloh since childhood, revealed that he had been secretive about his sexual orientation until being caught in the act with his male partner.

Investigations into Jalloh’s background indicate that he was born in 2001 in Wellington Community, Freetown, where he lived with his family until his mother’s passing in 2018.

Despite marrying a woman in 2019, Jalloh reportedly harbored a stronger attraction to men, often watching pornography featuring homosexual content in secret. His relationship with his male partner, Samuel Kamara, developed while working together as his driver, eventually leading to clandestine sexual encounters at their workplace after hours.

In a dramatic turn of events on Thursday 1st July 2021, Jalloh and Kamara were caught in the act by Jalloh’s wife, leading to a violent altercation. Salieu Jalloh and Samuel Kamara managed to escape, but Samuel Kamara was subsequently arrested by the police. Jalloh remains at large, with a substantial reward offered for information on his whereabouts.

It is believed that he has fled to Guinea with the help of a friend.

Homosexuality is severely condemned in Sierra Leone, with legal consequences and societal backlash for those involved. The community’s reaction to Jalloh’s actions reflects deeply entrenched attitudes toward same-sex relationships, with public discussion of the topic considered taboo.

It was further revealed that enraged community members stormed Salieu Jalloh’s residence based on false intelligence suggesting his return.

Despite fleeing to Guinea, Jalloh remains pursued by both the police and angry residents.


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