Court Injunction Prohibits Bernard Conteh & Co Interfering in Netpage’s Operations


By Esther Wright

In a recent legal development, the ongoing dispute surrounding the operations of Netpage Passport has taken a decisive turn with the issuance of a perpetual injunction against Bernard Conteh and his associates. The injunction, issued by the court, prohibits Bernard and his cohorts from further interfering with the business and operations of Netpage.

The controversy stemmed from allegations raised by Bernard Conteh and his group questioning the authenticity of the biometric passports issued by Netpage. They had raised concerns about the competence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in approving these passports, suggesting that proper assessments had not been conducted.

However, the court ruling has refuted these claims, highlighting the thorough evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs before approving the passports. The ruling emphasized that the Government would not approve passports that did not meet specified standards, thereby discrediting the assertions made by Bernard and his Associates.

Furthermore, the court highlighted the lack of technical expertise demonstrated by Bernard Conteh’s group in challenging the legitimacy of the passports. It underscored the absence of concrete evidence or expert opinions to support their claims, dismissing their arguments as mere conjecture.

Regarding decentralization efforts, the court reaffirmed the Government’s authority to decentralize its agencies, including passport issuance. Netpage expressed its readiness to expand its operations to various districts in line with Government directives, emphasizing the importance of handling passport issuance as a security matter.

In response to the court’s decision, Netpage reiterated its commitment to upholding the highest standards in passport issuance and expressed willingness to engage with relevant authorities to address any concerns.

The issuance of the perpetual injunction marks a significant milestone in resolving the dispute surrounding Netpage’s operations, reaffirming the company’s legitimacy and competence in providing biometric passport services.


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