Craig Dean Casts Negative Light on Sierra Leone in Global Stock Market

In his aggressive bid to acquire Sierra Rutile, an act characterized by the company as unsolicited, Craig Dean of US Mining has portrayed Sierra Leone—and by extension the Government—in a negative manner.

In a document dated March 10th, titled: “PRM Services LLC: On Market Takeover Offer for Sierra Rutile  Limited,” Dean asserts that PRM believes its offer presents attractive value to SRX shareholders, particularly in light of the current risks and uncertainties associated with maintaining ownership in SRX amidst ongoing sovereign, political and operational challenges in Sierra Leone.

This specific statement has left many bewildered, as Dean, whose company has operated in Sierra Leone since 2021, is seemingly disparaging the country where he has profited. Some view his remarks as hypocritical, given his exploitation of Sierra Leone’s high-quality iron-ore deposits. Others see it as a sign of desperation in his pursuit of acquiring Sierra Rutile at any cost.

Furthermore, some caution the Government to be wary of such an investor whose sole intention appears to be extracting maximum benefit from Sierra Leone without regard for its long-term well-being.

PRM Services LLC, headed by Director and CEO Craig Dean, is registered in the Commonwealth Republic of Puerto Rico. Dean also serves as the CEO of Marampa Mines, a subsidiary of the Gerald Group.


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