Africell SL Allocates 20 Acres of Land to Dedicated Staff

Africell Sierra Leone has initiated a groundbreaking program by allocating more than 20 acres of land to its most dedicated staff members in a landmark move highlighting its dedication to employee welfare. This pioneering endeavor, unprecedented in the nation, aims to acknowledge and reward the unwavering commitment of individuals pivotal to the company’s achievements.

The distributed land parcels, situated in York Village, Freetown Western Rural, stand as tangible tokens of gratitude for the hard work and loyalty demonstrated by Africell’s workforce over the years. According to Shadi Gerjawi, the Managing Director of Africell Sierra Leone, this initiative underscores the company’s ongoing investment in its employees’ well-being.

He elaborated on the program, outlining the forthcoming Africity project, which includes plans for a supermarket, solar facilities and support for the design and construction of residential structures on the allocated land. Additionally, employees meeting specific criteria—having served the company for at least a decade with outstanding performance—will have access to loans to facilitate property development efforts.

Significantly, this program extends beyond Freetown, as Africell aims to involve employees from its branches across the provinces. The company actively seeks suitable land parcels in various regions to ensure inclusive participation in the initiative.

Emphasizing the initiative’s long-term vision, the Managing Director highlighted its role as an inheritance scheme, ensuring that ownership legacy extends to future generations. In case of a beneficiary’s demise, the land and property will pass on to their next of kin, securing a lasting legacy for their families.

Grateful beneficiaries expressed appreciation to Africell Sierra Leone for this unprecedented gesture, recognizing the importance of tangible assets to bequeath to their descendants. This initiative not only rewards loyalty but also fosters a sense of pride and security among employees, setting a new standard for corporate responsibility in Sierra Leone.

As Africell continues to prioritize its workforce’s well-being, initiatives like these underscore the company’s commitment to nurturing enduring relationships founded on trust, gratitude and mutual prosperity.


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