Sunkray Foundation Leads the Fight to Combat Kush in Southridge Community

By Millicent Senava Mannah

In a concerted effort to combat the scourge of Kush and other harmful drugs, Sunkray Foundation Sierra Leone has teamed up with the Police at the Mountain Division, stakeholders and residents of Southridge Community in a collaborative move to tackle the pervasive issue of substance abuse within the locality.

The pivotal meeting, convened on March 24th, 2024, at the Southridge Community Field in Freetown, saw the Founder and Executive Director of Sunkray Foundation, Sunkarie Mansaray, articulating the mission to rally support from law enforcement personnel, stakeholders and the community at large to launch a comprehensive campaign against Kush.

Sunkarie Mansaray emphasized the significance of grassroots involvement in eradicating Kush, stressing that collective action at the community level is vital further urging residents not to remain silent if they encounter individuals selling or using Kush also emphasizing the importance of saving lives over maintaining silence.

Addressing the gathering, Moses Conteh, Information Officer of the Mountain Police Division, lauded the Foundation’s initiative, underscoring the necessity for such collaborative endeavors in communities grappling with drug-related issues. He highlighted the Division’s approach, which prioritizes education and awareness-raising before resorting to enforcement measures.

Moses further described the visible effects of Kush addiction, noting its devastating impact on individuals’ health and well-being.

Lansana Koroma, Chairman of the Southridge Community, echoed Moses Conteh’s sentiments, lamenting the detrimental effects of Kush on the youth population and advocating for proactive measures to deter its spread.

Salamatu Posseh Bangura, Deputy Head Woman and a practicing nurse, emphasized the importance of providing counseling and support to individuals struggling with addiction. She underscored the community’s role in aiding recovery efforts, citing ongoing initiatives to assist affected individuals.

Chief Pa Alimamy Saba Sesay reiterated the urgency of parental guidance in preventing youth involvement in substance abuse. He underscored the tragic consequences of addiction, urging vigilance and intervention to safeguard vulnerable members of the community.

Samuel Koroma, a resident grappling with Kush addiction, candidly shared his struggles, expressing a desire for assistance in overcoming dependency. He appealed to stakeholders for access to medical care and support services to break free from the cycle of addiction.

The collective resolve exhibited at the meeting signals a united front in the fight against Kush, underscoring the community’s commitment to reclaiming the health and vitality of Southridge.

As efforts intensify, collaboration between the Sunkray Foundation, law enforcement and local stakeholders offers a beacon of hope in addressing substance abuse challenges in Sierra Leone.


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