Crocodile Discovery Could Enhance Tourism If…

African Dwarf Crocodile

By Kai B. Saquee-Marketing Officer NTB

It was recently disclosed that a crocodile has been identified at No. 2 River in Freetown. From what this medium learnt, out of its media curiosity, was that this newly identified amphibious animal is also known scientifically as Osteolaemus tetraspis or commonly called African Dwarf Crocodile, with a measured size of 1.8 metres (5.9 feet) to be precise. It was further understood that such rare specimens are exceptionally large that can be found in all species of crocodilian class.

Tourism is about the sustainable movement of people from their places of origin to other destinations. However, there should be things that must pull the interest of the traveller to that Eco-Tourism site and this is what River No 2 is driving at.

It is noted that tourist attraction could be accentuated by putting modalities in place to attract both local and international tourists, to view, feel and taste our tourism endowment all through their stay.

Since the rains begun, the country and communities are experiencing nature at its best, and the new spotted Crocodile at River  No.2, the most visited Water Fall at Mambo, will now also add up to the excitement for tourists.

The West African dwarf crocodile is the world’s smallest crocodile, growing up to 1.8 metres (5.9 feet). It is found alone or in pairs, in burrows and the hollows on low lying tree branches at the waters’ edge. It is a heavily armoured crocodile, which is dark in colour on the back and sides with a yellowish belly, featuring many black patches.

More update on the unveiling prevalence in subsequent edition


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