Debunking False Publication… Eddie Turay Esq Clears the Air

Eddie Turay Esq

By Foday Moriba Conteh

One of the oldest serving members of the All Peoples Congress (APC) party, Eddie Turay Esq ,has on Thursday 21st November 2019 strongly debunked what he has termed “a false and baseless article” published in the yesterday’s edition of the “We Yone” Newspaper with a caption,  “Comrade Eddie Turay Shares Political Experience…Lambasts Bio’s Agenda of tribal and regional ethnicity”.

Speaking to this medium, in an exclusive interview, the political octogenarian disclosed that he is not aware of what the said publication would say and indeed as a matter of fact he did not even grant that media outlet an interview as the impression was created.

“Putting the record straight for the benefit of the populace since after the last APC Convention that took place in Makeni I have never attended meetings convened by the party anywhere in the country. I am totally surprised as to how I was factored in the so-called interview they claimed they had with me,” the seasoned politician expressed bewilderment.

Pa Eddie, as he is commonly called, explained that since he was removed as a member of the party’s National Advisory Committee (NAC) during their convention in Makeni he has been inactive in participating in activities relating to the APC as he used to do in the past.  He reiterated that since he is no longer a member of NAC he has not been attending meetings that were convened recently.

The fine legal luminary said he was totally taken aback to realize that it was stated in the aforementioned “We Yone” article that he blasted for the current sitting President, Rtd Brigadier Julius Maada Bio quoting him of saying that the Head of State has an agenda that is tribal and ethnically regional.

“I want the whole world to know that I was completely misrepresented as I never made such an assertion. As a legal personality I believe in constructive criticism and if things are not properly working I will say it loud and clear but to misrepresent the views of others is totally unacceptable,” he expressed dissatisfaction.

He said that he has had a good relationship with His Excellency, President Julius Maada Bio underscoring how he believes that the good relationship will continue in good faith.

He said when he was serving as a sitting Magistrate in Moyamba, Southern Sierra Leone, overseeing Bonthe district, he had a good relationship with the Bio family which since has been maintained.

“Reading such a publication in the We Yone newspaper, the mouthpiece of the main opposition APC party one can only deduce that it is a machinated set-up against him by some unscrupulous members of the party who are bent on creating divisions and mistrust,” he debunked furthering how President Bio will definitely believe that such a trash is a plot coming from the APC. He ended up admonishing journalists to cross-check their information properly before writing their stories and to desist from putting words in the mouth of other people.



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