Debunking False Publications… Samir Hassanyeh Remains Lebanese President

Samir Hassanyeh

By Amin Kef – Ranger

After perusing various skewed media publications aimed at smearing the good image of the President of the Lebanese Community in Sierra Leone, this medium decided to take look at the situation and come up with an objective dissecting and analysis of the real situation on the ground.

Before going further it must be hammered home here that President Samir Hassanyeh and his Executive were legitimately elected for their popularity during an election that was declared as free and fair by credible observers and therefore has the locus standi to represent the Lebanese Committee in this country.

This medium will like to intimate that through a thorough, sustained  investigation professionally mounted by this news medium into the imbroglio said to be rocking the Lebanese Community in this country facts have been  unearthed pointing to the truism of a calculated and well machinated ploy to unethically oust the existing President of the Community, Mr. Samir Hassanyeh, who over the years has constructively enhanced the longstanding bi-lateral relationship between Sierra Leone and Lebanon besides peacefully resolving certain misunderstandings involving Lebanese nationals that do from time to time emerges.

Though the Community does not have a constitution and has no constitutional clause to expel or remove members, it is however based on mutual understandings and trust.

Samir is well known to be a man of principles and has on various occasions demonstrated a very firm posture not to be part of any illegal ploy or machinations that some may want him to support. He has on various occasions stated that if any Lebanese deliberately do anything untoward he is in no position to advocate on his or her behalf.  Lamentably, it now appears that certain saboteurs within the Lebanese Community in this country are really hell bent on smearing the good reputation that this reputable personality, in the person of Samir Hassanyeh, has well built over the years.

This time around they decided to use the tactic of not only provoking but also verbally attacking his wife, over the social media,  using all kinds of invectives against her with the avowed objective of provoking her and then later use her retorts or responses to cast allegations against her husband in order to create the impression that her husband is supporting or backing her with the calculated aim of using that as the basis to clandestinely oust the charismatic gentleman who has done so much to the appreciation of many geared towards positively furthering the interests of Lebanese in this country.

It has been proven that these saboteurs, headed by one Adnan Antar and Co, who is the main architect behind the dastardly plan, are falsely claiming that the man who has done a lot to champion the interests of Lebanese in this country was involved in a shady and fraudulent contract relating to the supply of uniforms to the military and contravened procurement laws and procedures.

This is the same Adnan Antar, who is known of inflaming  incitement when the Lebanese Community had the opportunity to be evacuated via a chartered aircraft was all over the place posting on social media false alarms that they want to fleece them of their monies. Most have regarded that he is a Mafia who is bent on terrorizing others. But it understandable that he is bent on cleverly terrorizing people with the fake impression that he is telling people the gospel truth when in actual fact he is acting on the contrary, a true hallmark of a terrorist who is very notorious of abusing women with  reckless abandon as if he was not borne by a woman. His moves are well premeditated.

For confirmation that this is not a mere fabrication or allegation against Adnan Antar social media is awash of his past proclivities in using very caustic and unprintable adjectives against people and getting away with it. The guy is damn too rude to the annoyance of his Lebanese brothers and sisters who are residing in this country.

Backfiring right in front of their faces, the country’s anti-graft institution, the Anti-Corruption Commission  (ACC) proved it beyond all reasonable doubts that indeed the alarm is false, that nothing went amiss relating to the issue and Samir has no case to answer or any doubt to clear in that regard. This has been affirmed.

This medium’s investigation has made bare the fact that Adnan Antar, the man who made the false allegation against the Lebanese President but failed in his diabolic scheme, decided to resort to the using of all kind of abusive languages against President Samir Hanssanyeh sustainably for two months now, but in a matured way the Lebanese President refused to respond to his attack.

Having woefully failed in one range or in the aspect of raising a false alarm, Adnan Antar, resorted to raining unimaginable abuses against the wife of Samir Hanssanyeh, Mariam Bittar, using all kinds of unprintable language.

Scientifically and medically, it has been established that human beings, when provoked naturally have the tendency to retaliate and the manner of retaliation could depend largely on the person’s frame of mind at the material time. Within this context, Mariam Bittar, as a woman who no longer decided to stand such abusive languages from those she considered as haters against her and her husband, caustically retaliated and in revenge also replied using the same language out of the belief of giving the devil its due.

It must be underscored at this juncture that the aforementioned imbroglio is seriously laced by serious political shenanigans that have rocked the Lebanese Committee based on some who have resorted to insubordination and stage managing a coup against the current Executive especially the President of the Lebanese Community. The plan is to get rid of Samir, a personality that has so loyally and faithfully served members of the Community so well to the pleasure of many, has indeed been exposed with Adnan as the ring leader hiding behind the excuse of insanity.

This medium is not holding a brief for the Lebanese President but as an objective media outlet we cannot sit idly by allowing some unscrupulous persons to pull down others. Either, we cannot be complicit to acts that are seriously permeated by hate, jealousy and misrepresentation of facts without setting the records straight.

Adnan Antar’s ranting in the video clips he sent viral actually borders on outright and deep seated hatred for the Lebanese President and being confirmed by his family members as a mentally deranged who has failed in his business enterprises, cannot someone who should be taken with any modicum of seriousness, trust or credible. The fellow, presently residing in London, is very idle and is now used by others as a conduit to cause mischief and raise hell within the Lebanese Committee.

Adnan Antar and certain Lebanese nationals in this country are on a mission to make the current Lebanese Executive very unpopular and unable to govern as a result of all their machinated distractions.

It must be reiterated that there is huge fight amongst the past Lebanese Executive and present one because of differences in ideology.  It is on record that the Lebanese President Samir Hassanyeh has been under constant attack from Adnan Antar and Co. It is now outright that this is a political war hinging on “if I cannot win I will not allow you to rule or govern in peace”.

Based on this current impasse there is news making the round that the Lebanese Community has dissolved because certain members have tendered their resignation. It must however be underscored at this moment that the numerical composition of the Community is made up of sixteen members out of which seven members are said to have resigned. This clearly shows that the few failed coupists do not enjoy the unanimous support of the entire membership. It is an indication of the fact that there is an unjustifiable split.

However what is realistically known is that there are reputable and influential Lebanese nationals in this country who strongly believe in the leadership of Samir Hanssanyeh and are au fait of the diabolic plan of provoking his wife and use her reactions as a basis to oust him but those who know what has so far being unearthed will see the facts and agree that indeed it is a calculated and diabolical plan.

As was understood the Lebanese Community is intact with Samir Hansanyeh as President. Though the Community is going through turbulent times yet plans are afoot to restore sanity within its membership. However, it must be maintained that the truth must be told other than giving the false impression that the President is no longer relevant after doing so much.


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