Deputy Youth Minister Admonishes Young People To Embrace Volunteerism

Deputy Minister Kallon certifying graduate corps at the YWCA hall in Freetown

By Foday Moriba Conteh

In a new development ,the Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs, Hon. Lusine Kallon, has called on young Sierra Leoneans to imbibe the spirit of volunteerism as a way of contributing to nation building.  He was speaking at the YWCA old hall whilst certifying two hundred graduate corps during the launching of the National Youth Service (NYS) maiden magazine and website.

Two hundred young graduate corps who had served their communities for one successful year have also been certified to climax the end of their service.

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Today we are convened here to certify 200 brave and patriotic youth corps who have fulfilled their national service to our beloved country. Like others who went through similar training before, these brave young men and women have prepared themselves for various tasks ahead. As a deputy minister representing my ministry and the youths of our country, we are proud of you and therefore say congratulations to all of you for this first step in your career path.

We are gathered here today to accomplish two things; firstly to award certificates to the 200 Youth Corps, and secondly to officially launch the Youth Service Magazine. Never had such an occasion taken place in the history of this country. Together we are making history. This gathering calls for praises and celebrations as our exceptional leaders will be receiving their certificates. In restoring their vows and commitment to our humble cause as Sierra Leoneans, I ask my patriotic youths to repeat this pledge after me.

“I pledge not to ask anymore what Sierra Leone has done for me, but rather to ask what I can do for my motherland, Sierra Leone.”

Thank you all for repeating that pledge after me.

The youth are our natural resources. The energy, skills and time that can be harnessed to support national socioeconomic and political development through volunteerism opportunities can lead to great things. As our President relies on human capital development in building our country for a prosperous future, these fine gentlemen and women have proven beyond reasonable doubts that they are reliable partners in that drive. Be rest assured this government will do everything to get the best from the youths who have chosen to be partners in development.

In such opportunities, the youths find a rare chance to make a difference in the lives of their fellow citizens. The National Youth Service strongly advocates and encourages all stakeholders to undertake strategic actions to embed the culture of volunteerism among the youths. It is only by doing so that youths shall become self-dependent thereby contributing to national development.

Our government shall:

-Involve the youth in activities that promote volunteerism and community service while developing their sense of patriotism and nationalism and promotion of national values.

-Cultivate national values among the youths and build their capacities to enable them to participate in leadership and community service.

-We must ensure that we utilize their potential and contribute towards achieving sustainable economic development in the country because we are a hub for all developmental projects.

Under the New Direction, Youth issues are no longer a talk shop but collaboration and cooperation. Since taking office, the achievements of this government in changing the narratives for a better future speak for themselves. A lot has been achieved and there is still more work to be done.

This act here today indicates the government of H.E. President Julius Maada Bio is focused on achieving greatness by fulfilling pledges in the “People’s Manifesto”. It is a clear proof of his commitment towards Youth Empowerment and Human Capital Development.

Due to the breakdown of the social fabric as a result of the outbreak of the civil war, a large percentage of families were left displaced and destitute. Street families have continued to increase in our cities and towns. From street boys and girls, we now have street youths and families. These are the people who live and work in the streets, many of them due to homelessness. The street youth are especially vulnerable as they lack protection, supervision or direction from responsible adults.

That is why HE has mandated us to review the NYS ACT to capture and re-integrate the rehabilitation of street youths within the various communities. By so doing, the family unit will be strengthened and fortified which will reduce the rate of lawlessness in the society. From this country’s inception, the dreams of our founding fathers were that it is only through National Cohesion, Nationalism, and Patriotism Sierra Leone we would have united and sustainable development. Part of that dream is a reality here today.

For all the achievements so far (including this one today) and plans for the immediate future, we say thanks to HE President Julius Maada Bio for making the dream of our Founding Fathers possible.

I am the change that I would like to see in my community and country. The youths have the potential to make the difference and uplift others to enjoy the fruits of our skills and education.

I thank you all

Long Live Sierra Leone

Long Live The Youth Of Sierra Leone



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