Doreen Barrie Inaugurated as National Coordinator Sierra Leone Chapter

Chief Executive Officer of the Dorwontony Organization for the Aged (DOFA), Doreen Barrie

By Amin Kef Sesay

Doreen Barrie, a popular broadcaster working for Sierra Leone’s premier electronic media house, the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Cooperation (SLBC), has been inaugurated as National Coordinator of 1000 Women in Religion, Sierra Leone Chapter.

Doreen’s inauguration came ahead of the launching of her organization, Dorwontony Organization for the Aged (DOFA) early next month,

This Women’s Caucus of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature is part of an initiative to create, update, and improve Wikipedia articles pertaining to the lives of cis and transgender women who are notable as scholars, activists and practitioners in the world’s religious, spiritual and wisdom traditions.

The 1000 Women in Religion Project committee meets monthly. Marshal Doreen Barrie has been charged with the responsibility of mobilizing women to achieve the aims and objectives of the organization.

 In a related development, this medium had an exclusive interview with the Chief Executive Officer of the Dorwontony Organization for the Aged (DOFA), Doreen Barrie. The main purpose was for her to shed light on the organization. She started by divulging that the entity is a local non-governmental organisation that was established in 2020 to work towards caring for the aged.

She furthered that the organization is doing so against the backdrop that life is like a play on stage with different scenes, meaning and that what every life looks forward to is its ending.

“After years of existence in this world, traversing every corner, one’s retirement requires him or her to be cared for, loved and supported,” the CEO intimated this medium.

Doreen also asserted that such is a missing link which Dorwontony Organization for the Aged (DOFA) is here to connect.

DOFA, according to her, advocates for the rights and needs of elderly people and their dependents to contribute to their integral development.

She maintained that Social Security retirement benefit in Sierra Leone is very appalling and sadly nobody is talking about it.

“Why has retirement for workers in the public sector had been historically very challenging and in some cases led to confrontations?” she asked rhetorically adding that this is even worse for the average and middle class, more especially when they become pensioners.

These gaps are among other things, the reasons for the establishment of the Dorwontony Organization for the Aged, she disclosed, also explaining that the organization employs advocacy, revenue mobilization to promote the welfare of the aged.

“One of the most sensitive stages in the life of any person is old age. At this stage everything becomes quite delicate and individuals tend to become more dependent on other people for survival even against their own wishes,” she averred stating how care, support and comfort are very essential factors elderly people need to survive and lead a healthy life style.

The truth, she said, remains that as people grow older, their psychology, physical strength and behavioural patterns begin to change and might end up becoming quite unstable and at such people around them might be prompted to begin to look at them as burden and liabilities, she pointed out further asserting that these things might eventually lead to abuse of older people.

However, it is at this stage of life, according to her, that most people require more care and support also revealing how that is why the Dorwontony Organization for the Aged (DOFA) is advocating for the care and support of the aged, because its members have the conviction that definitely it is their responsibility to cater for them.

“DOFA is calling on every Sierra Leonean to join the moving train in looking after the Aged,” she appealed maintaining that OLD AGE IS GOLD and just like the rainy season, we will all grow old.

“Let’s care for them!” she pleaded, concluding the interview.


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