Dr.Samura Kamara Demonstrates Readiness for Political Dialogue

By Foday Moriba Conteh

The former Presidential Flagbearer of the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) Party, Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara, has  on August 12, 2023 responded to a conciliatory message  of the Rt Hon. Patricia Scotland KC, the distinguished Secretary General of the Commonwealth as encapsulated in a Press Release dated 9th August, 2023.

In her press release, the Rt Hon. Patricia Scotland KC urged the political leaders of Sierra Leone to resolutely uphold their prior commitment to fostering peace and maintaining unity, a solemn vow they collectively made this past May.

This crucial message arrives at a pivotal juncture, as Sierra Leone finds itself entangled in political turmoil resulting from the APC’s active boycott of Governmental activities in the wake of a fervent dispute over the outcomes of the 2023 Presidential election.

In a response marked by thoughtfulness and a spirit of conciliation, Dr. Kamara extended his heartfelt gratitude for the statement issued by the Commonwealth Secretary-General. He additionally conveyed the APC’s earnest preparedness to participate in a mediated dialogue without delay, with the overarching aspiration of enhancing Sierra Leone’s welfare at its core.

Dr. Samura Kamara commented, “We acknowledge with deep appreciation the recent pronouncement made by the distinguished Rt Hon Patricia Scotland KC, Commonwealth Secretary-General. We eagerly embrace the prospect of entering into mediated discussions at the earliest convenience, driven by the collective well-being of all within Sierra Leone. We continue to be profoundly thankful for the unwavering support offered by the Commonwealth Secretary-General in the ongoing restoration of our democratic foundations, the pursuit of social equity, and the reunification of our beloved nation.”

With this statement, Dr. Kamara underscores the opposition’s recognition of the Commonwealth’s involvement in the nation’s growth and stability, all the while affirming their commitment to a process that can potentially usher in a period of reconciliation, unity, and constructive progress.



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